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12-15-00, 07:00 PM

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12-15-00, 07:42 PM
Ya that sux ass cuz now theres less competition in the Graphix market = higher prices!

Nvidia is becomming like Intel or Microsoft, but for graphics. They're gonna have a monopoly, but hopefully some other company will rise 'n kick their ass when that happens (like AMD kicking Intel's ass, or the US government kicking Microsoft's ass) http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

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12-15-00, 08:52 PM
Dude, nVIDIA rules. The reason that their on top is because their prices were cheaper and you get more power for less money. 3dfx didn't know how to handle their assets. It's kind of ironic, the Voodoo5 was supposed to be their breakthrough . . . instaead, it was their downfall.


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12-16-00, 02:21 AM
ATI is still going pretty strong too!!!

12-16-00, 10:32 AM
Ya FOR NOW, nVidia rulez, but it was the same case for Intel a few yearz ago before they had a total monopoly and started slacking off. You'll see that in a few years, nVidia will start slacking off.

Ya ATI is still pretty strong, but with TNT2's and GeForce2 MX's running at such low prices, OEM's are switching to those cards instead.

Hardware wise, the Radeon is not bad, not good as the GeForce2, but driver wise, the Detonators are the king cuz they've been around since TNT so after years of tweaking, they are the most efficent drivers around.

12-16-00, 10:38 AM
I highly doubt ATI will win over nVidia in terms of 3D graphics cuz even tho ATI has been around longer, nVidia focuses MAINLY on 3D while ATI doesn't so nVidia has more experience.

3Dfx should be the king, but as the market changed, they didn't adapt. They kept on making their cards with their chips, PCB, etc. Thats just not cost effective cuz they gotta do testing on every component they put together, and get the components from other companies. nVidia on the other hand just focused on chips and drivers, leaving the rest to other companies which is way more cost effective. If 3Dfx had followed what nVidia did, they'll still be around and kicking.

12-16-00, 02:50 PM
I imagine Nvidia will become a monopoly like Microsoft...hell, they're even partnering up on the X-Box. Probably join forces one day altogether.