View Full Version : What's Block Mode?

12-15-00, 02:56 PM
When installing a hard drive for the 1st time. I've let the BIOS detect the drive parameters and moved on to FDISK, Format & Etc...

Is block mode a feature that slows or speeds the disk performance? Do I have to use it if detected by BIOS setup? I've tried both with and with out, and can't see a difference in performance benchmarks, under any Windows OS.

LBA I understand. Also having better hardware is a player, for better benchmarks. Block mode enable/disable is the mystery?

And don't say go 'Ask Jeeves' http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

12-15-00, 03:01 PM
Block mode enables the IDE controller and HD to transfer more than 1 "block" at once. Turning it on improves preformance, but isn't very noticeable for some reason.