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Thor Walez
12-14-00, 03:08 PM
Good Evening to thee!
I just switched my ABIT KT7-RAID into ASUS A7V and bought me new INFINEON PC133RAMs!
Same CPU ...

--> Before with old PC100 and Abit KT7-Raid I just could went easyly @111 FSB so that I have an Athlon 900@1000
--> BUT now with the ASUS A7V and the new INFINEO PC133 I canīt get this far only <10MHz more than normal ... set the Vcore at highest

Where is the problem (I think the board?!)
ASUS A7V rev 1.02 bios 1004

For more information feel free asking me!

Thanks and Cheers,
your Thor Walez

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12-14-00, 03:27 PM
Of course the Asus can't overclock more cuz it sux!!!! For SocketA CPUs, the MSI K7TPro2 is the current overclock champ. But the new mobos comming out with the KT133A chipset kickz asss! KT133 chipsets are intentionally crippled so that they can't run more than 20Mhz FSB or so over spec without some physical modifications. The KT133A chipset offically supports 133Mhz FSB and 133Mhz RAM, but other than that is identical to the old KT133 chipset. I would try to get a KT133A chipset mobo if you can, but I doubt they'll have any in Germany.

12-14-00, 03:33 PM
What are you talking about Tiger?? MSI..best at overclocking?!?!?!

Um, what BIOSD are you running?? I can EASILY get 110fsb on mine...using 1.8V

Thor Walez
12-14-00, 03:41 PM
I am the same 110FSB @ 1.80volts, but is this the end ?!?! I like to habe 133FSB with my baby! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif

What do you mean with BIOSD ?!?! I have the 1004 Bios-Version

Thanks so far!

12-14-00, 04:25 PM
Ya most ppl would think that Abit and Asus is the best at everything. Abit and Asus boards might seem good at overclocking, but they're not as stable as other boards. I've read a few rants from RMA technicians and other ppl who work in comp stores that Abit boards have the worst RMA rate. And Asus is no better. Read this: http://www.advanceddesignky.com/rant.cfm

Basically Abit and Asus have most of the market share so they can lower the quality of their boards and no1 will really care cuz of their reputation.

I've only had an OK experience with Asus and Abit. My old ASUS TXP4 has fan headers that don't work!

My Abit BP6 sometimes won't boot or it won't post when I reboot.

My Abit BX133 RAID has the same symptoms as the BP6, but VERY rare, overtime it might worsen.

Anyways, check this out: http://www3.anandtech.com/showdoc.html?i=1374&p=16

As you can see, the MSI K7TPro2 has the highest quality Capcitors (4700uF) therefore it crashed the least (0 times).

12-14-00, 05:03 PM
hehe, I meant BIOS http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

What are your temps??? maybe you didn't place your HSF correctly this time...

you will never get 133 fsb on a Thunderbird!! (at least not with ANY KT133 chipsets)

you need the newer, 133fsb T-birds with a new mobo.

12-14-00, 05:33 PM
No, you can put a normal Duron or T-bird into a KT133A chipset mobo and run @ 133FSB if your CPU can handle the overclocked speed.

133FSB Durons and T-Birds (code name Morgan and Paliomo) are basically the same as the old 1'z but with Copper interconnects, and other enhancements to the core, they are backward compatible with KT133 chipsets and 100FSB Durons/T-birds can run in the new DDR mobos.

12-14-00, 05:35 PM
Oh ya don't expect mass shipment of the new CPUs til a few months from now http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif

12-14-00, 05:39 PM
I know you have resisted before THOR, but why dont you unlock that bad boy!!!! You could easily get it up to 1.1 ghz w/ a good HSF. It isn't dangerous and a good guide

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