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08-09-07, 08:16 PM
Verizon site support seriously lacks for a real human being actually answering questions. They need to start a user forum. Go figger.

So I am building my website using their site builder. It's OK for someone who only does this occassionally like me. I am using a subaccount for this site. I am ready to publish site, but it's telling me that my url will be like,,, mysite.verizon.net/rexf0a4/sitename. So what is the funky "rexf0a4" part?

Needless to say, I email for help and their help cyborg emails me back 10 things that have nothing to do with my problem. They need real human email help.:confused:

08-15-07, 07:51 PM
So, you're saying that you need "mysite.verizon.net/rexf0a4/sitename" to get to that website? or can you just type "mysite.verizon.net" and it takes you there?

If you just type "mysite.verizon.net" and it redirects to 'mysite.verizon.net/rexf0a4/sitename' then it may be the database that its connecting to.

If not... i dunno, sounds wacky.