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12-14-00, 12:28 AM

My specs:
P3 550E
Abit BX133 RAID
320MB SDRAM @ 150Mhz CAS222
Voodoo3 PCI 2K @ 192Mhz

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12-14-00, 12:13 PM
holy ****!

THAT's svweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

nice overclock indeed, man

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12-14-00, 03:17 PM
Thx brent. Itz actually easier than you would think. But then I consider myself VERY VERY lucky when it comes to overclocking.

Believe it or not, I'm actually using normal PC100 ram!! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

I've got 1 128MB stick of Infineon PC100 8ns
64MB stick of Mosel Vitalic PC100 8ns
And 128MB stick of Infineon PC133 7.5ns

All of the sticks are rated at CAS3
Shows you how Muskin and other companies rip you off by selling "high speed" ram. You can get the same quality ram at local stores if you know what to look for http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

I'm running with H20 cooling with a crappy aluminum waterblock, no radiator, but huge reservoir. @ 100% load CPU temps are 32C.

BXChipset users should get North Bridge Tune. Before it, i only got around 540MB/sec FPU bandwidth, you can see what i'm getting after http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

12-14-00, 03:37 PM
You just got really lucky with our RAM. My old Mircon PC133 CAS3 ram will only run CAS3! (at 133)

But my nice Mushkin, I've gotten 147CAS222 so far...

12-14-00, 03:52 PM
I wouldn't call it luck cuz most Infineon and Mosel Vitalic chips can overclock VERY VERY well. Micron, Samsung, 'n generic stuff sux overall for overclocking.

Also, if you goto a local store, you can ask if you can try the ram out 1st 'n if it doesn't run at the speed you want, they'll usually let you try another stick until you get 1 that works.

Can't do that with online orders + you gotta pay shipping! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif

12-14-00, 04:07 PM
Where can one download that North Bridge Tune proggy? I've never heard of it.

12-14-00, 04:13 PM
Go here: http://bp6.gamesquad.net/news/975036761,67793,.html

Itz got the link to the site and the serial #.

On every mobo there are settings you can tweak that aren't in the BIOS. A program called Wpcredit can edit the settings, but its kinda complicated. North Bridge Tune does the same things, but is easier to understand.

You can get Wpcredit and other tweaking programs from www.h-oda.com (http://www.h-oda.com)

12-14-00, 04:26 PM
Hey Thanx Tiger, but I got lost with alol that Japanese suff. I was able to download and run the proggy, but I can't find thet S/N anywhere on the site. Thanx for da help.

12-14-00, 04:28 PM
DUY, found it, right in front of my eyes, thanx again.

12-14-00, 04:29 PM
The Serial is on that 1st site I gave you.

But anywayz, the serial is : 506e7f1d2dbadea4f5b85ef1159ccba7

Therez a ton of other settings you can tweak under "More", but they don't seem to make a difference to me.

12-14-00, 04:57 PM
Hey Tiger, 1 Word


My PC is flyin now with that little proggy. Programs open much faster and my memory utilization has greatly improved, visually and performance wise. Gonna run some Sandr BM's to see what I get. Thanx again.

12-14-00, 05:10 PM
Hey Tiger do you have any tweaks or advice for the northbridge tune? I installed it a while back and did not see much difference. I asked for some help, but I guess I posted in the wrong forum.

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12-14-00, 05:27 PM
RoundEye: theres nothing much to explain, just change your settings to the 1's i'm using. Except for DRAM Idle Timer and LeadOff Command Timing, you might need to tweak around 'n see which is the best setting for you.

I don't get how you can't see any difference, did you press the Update then Ok buttons? Also, you need to make the program auto start every time you boot up, go under the Option menu. If its not there then you gotta register the program.

Prey: No probs man, The BX Chipset RULEZ! Were you running @ CAS3 before? http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

12-14-00, 06:58 PM
Here's my screenshot with the current settings. I was running the CPU at 560, but that joint crashed more than TWA, so I had to set it at 525 for now, Katmai's suck for OC'ing, can't wait to get some better cooling up in this PC. I actually used the optimal settings that this guy had on his website, they have been super stable so far, so I'll wait to see how it runs overnight when I run it at full load. I'm gonna try the DRAM Idle Timer at 0T to see hot that truns out. Gonna get a 128MB chip next wek, so it should definitely give me a major boost under Win2k, thanx again Tiger.


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12-14-00, 10:09 PM
Thanks tiger, I reinstalled it and got some improvement. Going to run some benchmarks later and I'll let you know how it turns out.

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12-14-00, 11:01 PM
what memory, is that the mushkin high perf 222?

12-15-00, 05:33 AM


Can boot and post at 1066mhz but ram fails on 3dmark test....Santa's comin with some Muskin ram :^)
Will also post at 1080mhz.

system specs:

PIII 800e 0/C 1040mhz so far (hedgehog heatsink/fan/artic silver/lapped)
Asus P3V4X mobo (x4agp working with wpcredit)
256 sdram PC 133 cas 2 (2-2-2)
Geforce 2 Annihilator 2 GTS (8 heatsinks on DDR ram + little blue orbit on gpu/lapped)
30 gigs@7200
Soundblaster X-gamer
19inch viewsonic PS790
MS explorer mouse

Case Mod:
www.amkcomputers.bc.ca/images/ocd3344.JPG (http://www.amkcomputers.bc.ca/images/ocd3344.JPG)
www.amkcomputers.bc.ca/images/handle2.JPG (http://www.amkcomputers.bc.ca/images/handle2.JPG)

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