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12-13-00, 10:09 PM
Besides changing my BIOS between CAS2 and CAS3 for RAM, I also have several options for chip speed. My BIOS is currently set at 8ns. Is the "Turbo" setting any faster?

Also, what affect do the CPU Clock speed +33 or -33 settings have on the RAM speed?

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12-14-00, 12:15 PM
+ or - 33Mhz sets the RAM BUS speed either at 100Mhz or 133Mhz

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12-14-00, 12:23 PM
MailmanX, what mobo do you have and is your RAM CAS2 or CAS3? Also, what ns is it rated at and is it PC100 or PC133?

12-14-00, 12:43 PM
Mobo is AOpen AX64, RAM is Infineon-Siemens 7.5ns CAS2 at PC133 which is what my FSB is currently running. I have a P-3/733 Coppermine. Nothing in my system is overclocked at this time. However, I am starting to learn about it and develop an interest in it.

By default, my BIOS for the RAM is currently set for 8ns, CAS 2, CPU clock speed.

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12-14-00, 05:39 PM
Argh, AOpen Mobos SUCK at overclocking BIG TIME!!!! I have an AOpen AX63Pro and I couldn't even run @ 133Mhz FSB with my P3 550E. I then bought an Abit BX133 RAID 'n now i'm running @ 152Mhz FSB!!