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07-28-07, 09:09 AM
Hello all! Ill try to keep this short, still I want to give you a good background on what has happened and whats happening

About three weeks ago, I accidentally emptied a full bottle of coke over my MB. Computer was placed under my desk, lying on its side, with wall removed. BB computer.

I didnīt mourn for long though, because it was relatively old and I was after all planning to buy a new system, which would be able to chew through new upcoming games like SC2, crysis and UT2007 - and therefore I saw this as a golden opportunity

This is the pieces I bought :

1 Asus M2N-Plus SLI Vista Edition, ATX, nForce 500 SLI, Socket-AM2, PCI-Ex16
1 AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.0GHz Socket AM2,2MB, BOXED w/fan
1 Hiper Powersupply ATX 580W black, 18dB,120mm Fan,4xSATA,2XPCI-E,20/24pin
1 Corsair TWIN2X 6400C4 DDR2, 2048MB CL4, Kit w/two 1GB Dimm's, E.P.P Technology

I planned to run with my old graphics card for another month or so
- Geforce 6600 -

Anyway, after being a stupid idiot, I burned up the MB the first day, or if it was the second, cant remember really, this is 2 weeks ago. I suspect it burned up somehow because I didnt get any signal to the screen as a result.

Ok, never mind that, it was a pretty bad MB anyway so I got myself another one, the reputated M2N32, premium vista edition version. And, I thought, It should work to just pop in the same harddrive and boot from it, its the same system afterall, part from a different but related MB. But nono, i got a bluscreen of instant death, which lasted about 0.3 secs and then it auto powered off..

Okeey, perhaps i should reinstall vista after all, I thought. Installation went on, everything was fine, and then, poweroff at 97%. No idea why. Tried again, poweroff at the final stages of the installation..

6 hours later, I havent gotten any further than to the last parts of the installation/when its about to enter windows for the first time - its just poweroff and a big WTF on my face

So i dug up my old XP disc and tried with that one .. Installation aborts and poweroff comes at the exakt same second of the installation, it never fails.

So I went and bought a new HD and the exakt same things as earlier happens to both vista and XP. I grabbed both my harddiscs, went over to a friends house and installed vista on one and XP on the other, and went back to my place. When trying to boot with vista, poweroff comes just as during my installation of it, its when these green lines goes back and forth which indicates windows is loading.

And same thing happens with my XP disc! during the loading, same thing happens

I manage to get in "errorsecure with network mode" This is where I am right now, typing this

MB / CPU temps are at 40-43C and 44-48C
Iīve ran both memory sticks in memtest with 100% 0 errors
What is installed and connected is at the moment motherboard, CPU, SATA-HD, geforce 6600 running perfectly in other systems, memory sticks, and a network card.. For some reason the integrated network wonīt work, but this does.

I will welcome any suggestion, idea, thought, etc:

Thank you for reading!