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07-27-07, 06:19 PM
If you own a Q6600, please reply with your VID and the stepping of your chip. The VID can be found using coretemp (http://www.thecoolest.zerobrains.com/CoreTemp/CoreTemp.zip). If you're using vista, coretemp will not display the stepping in some cases, so you can use CPU-Z (http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php) (it's listed under "revision") to get the stepping.

Here is a shot of mine for reference:

If all else fails, look on the box your q6600 came in; the last 5 letters after the Q6600 in the production code will tell you the stepping. "SLACR" means it's a G0 while "SL9UM" means it's an older B3. Here an example shot taken by XtremeTiramisu to give you an idea:

So, I have a B3 w/ a VID of 1.2875v

EDIT: Here are the data as of 23-Sep-2007 at 7:30 AM based on people's replies to my VID thread here and elsewhere; just as a reminder, please do not post your VID from here on out as I won't be updating the data sets:

*Histograms generated with SBHisto (http://www.sb-software.com/sbhisto/)

Total replies: 208
102 replies so far for B3 stepping Q6600s:
(VID: # of replies)
1.1625: 3
1.2125: 1
1.2250: 1
1.2375: 1
1.2500: 5
1.2625: 2
1.2750: 13
1.2800: 1
1.2850: 1
1.2875: 12
1.3000: 14
1.3100: 1
1.3125: 15
1.3200: 1
1.3250: 31

158 replies so far for G0 stepping Q6600s:
(VID: # of replies)
1.1125: 1
1.1520: 1
1.1625: 5
1.2000: 5
1.2125: 9
1.2150: 1
1.2200: 1
1.2250: 8
1.2375: 10
1.2500: 16
1.2525: 1
1.2600: 1
1.2625: 17
1.2650: 1
1.2700: 1
1.2750: 25
1.2850: 1
1.2875: 23
1.3000: 17
1.3125: 10
1.3250: 5

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Just updated the first post of the thread with the data collected. Have a look!

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Okay guys, just updated the first post of the thread to reflect the new replies... have a look!

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08-06-07, 02:23 PM
I don't quite know what to make of this whole lower VID = higher o/c potential thing. My chip for example, is a B3 stepping Q6600 w/ a reported VID of 1.2875V (coretemp), yet I can run 9x266 (stock) which is stable to 2x orthos for over 8 hours (I stopped it after 8 hours) @ 1.1375V in the BIOS which is 1.040V in CPU-Z under load. I can also run 9x327 @ 1.2275V in the BIOS or 1.208V in CPU-Z under load or a full 9x333 @ 1.2625V in the BIOS or 1.232 V in CPU-Z.

My point is that all these vcore values are under the VID reported in coretemp. In my case, the VID reported in coretemp doesn't seem to mean anything given that I can run my system up to a 25 % o/c well under this voltage.


-What does the coretemp VID mean if anything?
-When comparing two identical stepping chips, does the one with the lower VID equate to anything meaningful?

08-11-07, 02:19 PM
Just updated the first post of the thread with the data collected... I counted 113 replies so far.

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08-12-07, 03:48 AM
@Rivas: dude, 1.735 isn't an option. You also neglected to state your chip stepping.

08-12-07, 05:01 AM
Updated the first post of the thread with the data collected (123 replies now) and added some histograms and basic statics to help visualize the data set.

08-12-07, 04:37 PM
my bad, that was from my old QX6700 for striker mobo

current voltage is 1.6125 in bios VID 1.3
FSB 400, stepping 7, revision B3

I can go 300mhz higher but I think thats about it, didnt try it yet.

Will post pics later including case and the cooling.
That program cant handle phase cooling the temperatures are all wrong.

08-19-07, 04:31 AM
Updated the first post of the thread with the data collected (182 replies now)... this has turned into a nice little thread :)

08-19-07, 05:16 AM
I'll post you my values when I get my machine installed. I bought all the components on Saturday, but haven't found the time yet to install it all because I'm moving as well.

08-25-07, 03:33 AM
Updated the first post of the thread with the data collected (208 replies now)...

09-23-07, 06:58 AM
Okay all, this will be the final update; please don't post new VID data.

I'm not totally sure the integrity of the data collected is that high. What I mean by that is I have read several reports of different reported VIDs for the same chip on different boards. I have also read about the VID changing based on the speedstep state and other factors.

I started this thread hoping to see some sort of correlation between VID magnitude and vcore @ a given o/c level. I have received mixed reports on this front as well. I think the bottom line is there isn't a correlation between VID and overclockibility.

Since you guys took the time to reply to the post, the least I can do is update the data for the last time:

Replies for B3: 102
Replies for G0: 158
Total replies: 260 (a great response!)

I updated the first post of the thread with the new histograms.

Thanks to all who replied.