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07-17-07, 09:46 AM
Hiyas, new to the forum, and have an odd problem. A client brought in an older server, HP Proliant ML350, about 4 years old, which had been spiked (electrically), and some things stopped working. The OS is Windows Server 2003, SP2 (was SP!, just installed SP2), Intel Xeon 2.8/2.8, 1.5Gb RAM, NIC is builtin, HP NC7760 Gigabit Server Adapter.

Connectivity issues are, can't ping anything but and the NIC's physcial address, can't ping it by its own name. Uninstalled NIC, reinstalled NIC, updated drivers, installed SP2. Reset TCP/IP accroding to MS KB Article 317518 - netsh int ip reset C:\resetlog.txt. Diagnostics from the manufacturer on the NIC say it's running fine, Windows says it's running fine, what it looks like its doing is starting, then stopping, and not moving on. will send around 66 packets, receive 2 or 3, and then quit. There is a link light, and activity (mind you not a lot if any at times) light. If you unplug the network cable, it says unplugged, if you unplug from the swtich, it sees no cable, again. DHCP doesn't work, of course, static settings get connectivity, at least to the wire, no internet no nothing, and as I said, won't ping but its own IPs. Short from shooting this machine, I have exauhsted what I know to do.

We put in 5 different NICs in the one PCI slot this machine has - all have had the same problem as stated above. As a side note, IPsec service won't start, says it can't find the file, but that shouldn't affect normal connectivity, as I understand it.

Anyone have any ideas? Really lost now! :confused:

Need this up and running by tomorrow - if it's not a fried motherboard.

Thanks in advance!


07-17-07, 11:15 AM
Sounds to me like something that controls the pci and nic (if the nic is on the motherboard)were fried:( Mabe the south bridge of the chip set. Look on your motherboard manual and see what controls what. And if you can't wait to replace it try a usb network adapter for the usb ports might still be operational.

07-17-07, 12:07 PM
How does Event Viewer look? Any other services appear hosed?

Trying a few PCI NICs...if plug 'n play detects them, and the link light fires up...the drivers are loading, which to me seems 95% certain the PCI slots are OK.

Certainly a USB NIC would be the quickest and easiest way to exclude onboard issues including PCI bus, I carry a couple around..cheap enough, can find them for like 20 bucks. Although the onboard HP NIC uses PCI-X and different controller as part of the ServerWorks chipset.

So...back to event viewer....anything? HP Diagnostic tools find anything?

2.8 Xeon...probably over warranty, but possibly still under..especially if the server was purchased with an extended CarePaq from HP. Check warranty.

FYI...I never take on any computer, workstation, or especially server, that has "taken a power surge or lightening hit". Soon as that's mentioned...I point to the garbage can. Yes you can run a few quick checks and "conclude" that only a NIC or a video card or some other peripheral card got cooked...and the rest of it "appears" to function OK. But trust me...slowly, but surely, you will experience increasing randomly odd issues. Every part is at risk of shortened and problematic life. That one hiccup a week or one lockup/hang a month, etc...your head will keep being scratched.

07-17-07, 12:30 PM
"IPsec service won't start, says it can't find the file, but that shouldn't affect normal connectivity, as I understand it."

Are you using IPSec on the network? For some reason this line is jumping out at me. Acting like a secured swicth or net device is blocking it from seeing anything. besides trying YeOldes USB Nic advice, can you try plugging into a different switch just for giggles. Just some more thoughts.

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07-17-07, 01:13 PM
Spazo - That is what I am thinking, we talked about a USB NIC, might try that before we kill and reinstall to test the MB.

YeOldStoneKat - EV is clean, no errors, which is a bit strange, bar IPsec. HP DIagnostics says the NIC is fine, but it only sends, won't receive, other odd things with it. Yeah, it's out of warranty, we asked the client. I also agree on that, but we are trying to save money for the client, it's a poor school district, they can't afford a new server. :(

Noevo - nope, not using IPsec...this has been in three different routers/firewalls/switches now.

Thanks for the help guys! Still thinking, we will see.