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07-04-07, 09:29 AM
Can anyone tell me how can I erase my Power on Password. My younger brother did enable on power on password. Now when ever I tried to open my Laptop it requered Power on password. And my brother forget the password. So we can't open our laptop. so please if anyone who knows how to erase power on password please tell me. Other wise I think My laptop can't be eccess. My Laptop Model is....HP Compaq NX6110......Please my big brows try to help us....Take care And ba bye............

07-06-07, 03:11 PM
Try this:
"Clearing CMOS
Using F10 Setup to Clear CMOS
The instructions that follow allow you to clear CMOS and reset the computer to the factory default values.
1. Access Computer Setup by pressing the F10 key when the Computer Setup (F10 Setup) message appears in the lower-right corner of the screen.
If you do not press the F10 key while the message is displayed, you must turn the computer off, then on again, to access the utility.
2. Select File! Set Defaults and Exit.
All passwords are cleared when CMOS is reset.

Using Power Switch to Clear CMOS
To clear CMOS when you do not know the password turn on the computer using the power button. After the computer has started, hold the power button depressed for four seconds. The next time the computer is started, the system will overwrite the existing CMOS with the valid CMOS from the factory’s original ROM flash of the system board.
All settings and passwords from the last good boot will be restored.

Both the power-on and setup passwords are set through Computer Setup (F10 Setup).
When only the power-on password is used, it is required to access the Computer Setup utility and any other information in the system. When both the power-on and setup passwords are used, only the setup password will give you access to Computer Setup.
When both passwords are set, the setup password can also be used in place of the poweron password."

Also, there is a System ROMPaq version 686EM_99.1130 A (25 Jan 00) (http://h18007.www1.hp.com/support/files/Armada/us/download/7919.html)