View Full Version : ATI tv Wonder

10-24-00, 10:02 PM
anyboy know were i could get windows 2000 drivers for ATI tv wonder

10-25-00, 12:33 AM
I think I rea somewhere in the text files that come with Win 2000 that ATI-TV cards are not supported at all os of yet. I went to ATI's site and they had nothin on ATI-TV drivers for Win2K. Its the only reason that I have not fully migrated my PC into Win2K, not until they come out with some drivers for it.

10-25-00, 12:45 AM
Read this thread over at Rageundergrounds forum:

www.rageunderground.com/ubb/Forum16/HTML/000164.html (http://www.rageunderground.com/ubb/Forum16/HTML/000164.html)