View Full Version : Win98 does it believe in saving?

10-23-00, 03:48 AM
ok i have been askin tech's this question for about a month now with no sucess. I just built my new computer and i am havin a problem with the winders bar thingy.( u know the thing with the start button, the clock and the quick launch) anyway about a month ago i fugured out that if you right click on it and go to toolbar then add new u can add a shortcut to a directory to there. Well thinkin this waz tight i made one for my music and my hard drive ( so i could get to it fatser) anyway i decided that the hard drive thing waz gay so i right clciked on it and closed it as well as the music one. The problem is that when i reboot it makes the new toolbars ( the music and hard drive) always there. To recap i put some **** on the windows toolbar...i took it off...when i restart they reappear and i have to close em everytime i reboot. I DONT WANT THEM THERE.....also i set the windows bar to auto hide ( u know when it goes away when the mouse is somewhere else) and when i reboot its back to the default setting ....no auto hide....also the shortcuts that i put in the qick launch they work ok except upon reboot whatever order i had em is lost....if you can solve this one.....well.....DAM YOUR GOOD

10-24-00, 12:38 AM
not sure what your asking If I got it right try right clicking on it and goto toolbars and goto quick launch and unclick that.