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10-21-00, 12:07 PM
I am going to move to WIN 2k because i cannot stand the awful stability of win 98se. I know from experience that you need to install 98 se first and then 2000 if you want a dual boot combo. Is the same for win ME? Thanks

10-22-00, 08:47 AM
I`m running a dual boot with ME/2000 Pro. However, I already had partitioned before using 98SE. I just formatted that partition and installed ME there. Having no problems with either. Also using PartitionMagic 5.0.

Probably didn`t help you, but a little info.


10-22-00, 12:14 PM
Bimmer - Consider Win Me the same way as
Win 98 - except for parttioning AFTER everything is installed. In other words, setup your partions etc. with Partion Magic or whatever in Win 98 - format C:\ and install WinMe.
Run setup for W2K and click the Advanced option to select the drive/partition that you wish to install W2K into.
If you have PM make sure you make the two boot disks for repartitoning (from DOS)afterwards.

11-01-00, 01:59 PM
Hi bimmer - Novaflare's solution should work, especially as your W2K CD might not recognize Win Me. Another way to do it is to install Win ME then go into your BIOS settings and make sure you can boot from a CD; then install W2K from there.

11-01-00, 05:36 PM
i tryed the boot from cd my self you cant install that way if you install clean you have to use the boot disks now you could make the boot disks take and copy then to a dir copy the win 2k to a dir burn a new cd with win2k and the boot disks both on the new cd and no this isnt piracy as it say quote do not make illegal copys not do not make copys so dont worry bout that besides im kinda interested if that would by pass the need for boot floppy im betting yes any how if any one trys this let me know if it does work will prob do it my self at some point

11-01-00, 11:24 PM
speed tip for win2k install copy the entire cd to some temp dir and install from there i installed win 2k pro beta in less than 30 minutes doing it this way obviously this only works on a dual boot os as yo have to be running in windows 98 to start the setup but hey it shaves off a min of 20 minutes on the install time i run dual boot my self never use 98 any more as mater of fact its a base install no updates at all but all win 98 is doing is serving as a medic case the worst happens and i trash win2k install also for sb live owners be warned now you hvae to download the entire live ware soft ware package not just the drivers if you try just the drivers on a dual boot os kiss your win2k install good by and you can not use the recovery options they wont help simple reason the desk top will show before your sytem hangs once the desk top shows your screwed on the retrn to last know working config as win2k considers your desk top showing working any how above all on win2k dual boot os READ THE INSTRUCTIONS !!!!!!!!!! for updated drivers