View Full Version : Winsock Problem

10-18-00, 07:13 PM
I developed a problem with Internet Explorer v5.5 under W98. I had to uninstall it which backed me up to IE v4. I then reinstalled IE to v5.1. I know have a couple of programs that won't run because they say that I'm running Winsock v1. I notice that in the control pannel under add/remove programs I have an entry that says "reinstall winsock v1 configuration." I suspect that this is my problem. I checked both winsock.dll and wsock32.dll and they are both v4.10.1998 the correct version for W98. If I remove the above winsock v1 entry in add/remove programs it will execute the following command:


Will this restore my winsock v2 configuration or hose up my connection to RoadRunner Cable?

Can anyone tell me how to restore my winsock v2 settings?