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10-18-00, 07:31 PM
Here's my problem. I have Norton Anti virus 2001, and Norton Personal fire wall 2001. The firewall has been giving me warnings saying that a "subseven trojan" is trying to gain access to my computer. I ran the anti virus, but it detected nothing. However, i at one point i had to re-install the anti virus, because it stoped working. I then kept getting messages from my firewall, saying wininit.exe is trying to access the web. I checked all wininit files, and i found a log that deleted and chnaged a bunch of the norton anti virus files. So i assume that the trojan disabled my anit virus program. I re installed norton anti virus. I also had to use system restore in WinME to get the wininit.exe file to stop trying to access the web. Im pretty sure that the trojan is still in my comp though..because i still get the "subseven trojan" alert. Has anyone heard of a trojan like this? And also, how do i get rid of it; and detect anymore trojans, if any?

10-18-00, 09:07 PM
Ya thats one of the most popular.
Few things to try:
1. update your virus sigs.
2. look at your Run Services Key and see whats doin at start up because thats how the trojan is loaded into memory.
3. run netstat with the a switch and check on your ports.
4.Look for .exe files like run.exe or watcher.exe and if you know they are viri ditch em.

As to how to detect anymore I would say just run a scan but with more than one scanner. se Norton but also a free AVS like Inoculate IT PE http://antivirus.cai.com/

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10-19-00, 05:04 AM
try going here (http://security2.norton.com/nav/1033/sym/sym_continue_vc.asp?scantype=2) or here (http://www.anti-trojan.net/).

10-19-00, 08:35 PM
i think wininit.exe is part of the trojan itself. its trying to access the net to send info from your system to a certain IP or irc channel.

this coming straight from my head, but i think i remember about having your same problem.

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10-20-00, 09:49 AM
first thing you do is delete that crap they call norton it can't find viruses like mcafee can. Get mcafee and download the super .dat file. It sounds like you dont have a cracker but a hacker. By what you said it sounds as if the hacker deleted your dat file after he hacked into your computer.

10-20-00, 05:32 PM
Your firewall is reporting subseven probes from the outside. Those particular scanners will look for responses from any trojans someone may have on their system. Wininit.exe is part of your Windows files.

Windows Setup Initialization Utility

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10-29-00, 01:14 PM
pccillin is the best virus scan out there. It is easy to use and it dosen't slow your computer down as much as the others do

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