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10-17-00, 04:24 PM

Can you tell me the cleanest way to uninstall Mcafee? I want to rid my pc of all elements of the program. I know i can go to add/remove, but does that clean it out entirely? Thanks

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10-17-00, 04:46 PM
theres a program called bcwipte, i use it, it workes great for the things the things that won't unistall- http://downloads.mediadna.zdnet.com/info/com.zdnet_downloads_000FK5_000FK5.html?se=ink the delete feature is called "delete with wiping" and it can be accessed by right clicking the thing you want to delete and click on "delete with wiping". only use this if you never want to see that file again- it totaly deletes it. but you can always reinstall it- it won't stop you from doing that. hope this helps