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10-17-00, 12:54 PM
just wondering what the differences are and if there is any advantage to running one over the other. I recently bought a new desktop which came loaded with se, but they gave me a coupon for me.

I haven't even bothered to look into it, as I am NOT a sophisticated computer user, and so far I don't have any complaints with what I'm running. I just wanted to check to see if anybody thinks that I am missing out on new and improved microsoft treats

so, opinions anyone?


10-17-00, 01:05 PM
You are not missing much, but if you have a coupon (how much?), install WMe. You can easy uninstall it, if you don't like it - it'll take only about 10 seconds. It's not different, it might be slightly faster and more stable (it matters only if you current W98 is slow/unstable) It has System Restore, which by itself justifies the price ( less versatile and more intrusive GoBack cocts $75). But only if you will use it. People claim it's a memory and/or resource hog, but I didn't notice it, my PC is big and fast enough.

frustrated Yurka :-)

10-18-00, 08:38 AM
if anybody thinks that I am missing out on new and improved microsoft treats

In my opinion you should stick with 98SE. I've tried WineMe on two completely different computer setups, and got the same problems. The program eats resources like crazy. Even if you have 256M ram, and plan to leave the WineMe running for a few days you will have no resources left. Also, a lot of software and hardware is just not supported yet for the new OS. If you don't believe me, put your WineMe computer in standby or hibernate mode, start it up and try to run office 2000 or Acad 2000. Lol ;(

Winblows 98SE has tons of support, tweaks and software written for it.

BTW, with 98SE I get 50-80 frames in Q3, WineMe I get 50-80 frames.

Witn 98SE, I get 30-80 frames in TFC & CS, WineMe I get 30-60 frames.