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10-15-00, 08:22 PM
I have a clean install of win Me and I am trying to squeeze every last drop of speed out of my system. I noticed DMA was not enabled for my hard drive. I have a WD 10.2 gig 7200 rpm 2mb hard drive. I believe it supports dma. Is there a reason Win Me defaults this to be off?

My system specs.
Asus P3B-f Mobo latest revision
P3 800 slot 1
320 mb pc 133 sdram
64mb hercules agp video card
Aureal sq 2500 sound card
3com nic

As I type this I thought of another question.
I have read that you should set your AGP Aperture Size to be half of your total amount of main system RAM.

Any opinions on this?


10-15-00, 08:27 PM
yeah, samethings happens to me. Also check your CD drives. Chenge tham to DMA btw.

And I only use 64MB for my aperture size (I have 256MB system RAM)

10-15-00, 09:56 PM
I dunno why Win sets the DMA option to off, but most newer HD's and CD/DVD Roms support it, so make sure that you have it enabled. And the Aperture size Norm is 64-128. Either setting is fine, but you should use 64 under most circumstances.

10-15-00, 10:28 PM
Just a little note. I don't know about Hercules, but in responce to an e-mail I sent ATI they said I should use 128 for the Rage Fury 128


10-17-00, 12:10 PM

If you have WineMe and an ASUS A7V, do not install the ASUS device drivers or the Promise ATA-100 drivers. You will get nothing but hangs and bluescreen.

Anyhow, WineMe sucks a big fat ****. The doods at Microslob have taken a successful, though not perfect, Winblows 98SE and ****ed it up with some clever new enhancements. Trust me, with the tweaks available and the software updates, 98SE is still the king of OS's for gamers.