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10-15-00, 04:32 AM
Whats the best software to use to get the best ripping times. I got a 56x cd-rom by IO-Magic and my burner is a HP 8x4x32 and the best I can ever rip at with any version of Music Match is like 4.9x. Anyone know what I can do to make this higher or what software I should try? TIA,

10-15-00, 04:49 AM
just for argument's sake, i would run cdtach ( http://www.tcdlabs.com/cdtach.htm for the webpage.... http://www.tcdlabs.com/cdtach95.zip to just download it) just to see the cd drives' performance is.

unless it's a something like a P-CAV drive, the speed ratings are peaks (max's), and not averages. i really dont see the source, or destination drive's speeds being the actual problem, but i would run it just for kicks to see what kind of overhead you are looking at.

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10-15-00, 08:39 AM
I'm not sure about this but extraction is more or less rated to your hardware as to how fast it can rip. So it could very well be, thats as fast as your going to extract without errors.

One of the most accurate rippers is Exact Audio Copy. I used to use this till I got my new burner. This software is great for not having any errors. It may even be faster than what your using.

Click here for a link to their web site. (http://www.ExactAudioCopy.de/)

Also the really nice thing about this software, is..................its card ware!! just send a card to the programmer.

If you want really fast ripping speeds, get the 12x10x32 Plextor or the TDK version. They advertise up to 24x rip. I can't verify that but I have the TDK version of the 8x4x32 and I rip up to over 18x on occasion.

Hope this helps. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

10-15-00, 05:16 PM
thx all. WEll i got a athlon 750@825 and I know i can do more then 4.9x, maybe its just musicmatch.

10-17-00, 11:32 PM
Jesse, I know this is the wrong thread, but can you post or email me your settings for your o/c'ed athlon. I have a 750 also and I am getting ready to overclock it. I am using the ASUS K7V board.

C.M. Weaver
10-18-00, 01:07 PM
Jesse, I know this is the wrong thread, but can you post or email me your settings for your o/c'ed athlon. I have a 750 also and I am getting ready to overclock it. I am using the ASUS K7V board.

It's important to understand that digital audio extraction is something that your CD-ROM was never intended to do. You have two factors that decide how fast audio data can be extracted: 1) design of your optical drive and 2) the way audio is recorded onto the CD. CD-ROM drives are designed primarily to read data, not audio.

AUDIO on a CD has no header information or error correction capabilities whereas DATA does and it makes location of such data on the CD much easier.

Another thing to understand is audio alignment features that the drive is capable of. If your drive has poor alignment features the laser can be off as much at 75 sectors, throw in the fact that audio doesn't have error correction you end up with slow extraction times.

Plextor has the absolute fastest extraction times in the industry, TDK does also because they are Plextor drives. Both of these drives have built in error correction and pin point accuracy so they can tell if they are on the right sector or not.

I have a Plextor 40x MAX and a Plextor 12/4/32 CD-RW and I can rip audio at very high speeds. These drives come at a high price but worth every penny if you are doing alot of audio extraction.

Try all the software you want ot get faster audio extraction speeds, but basically you are wasting your time. Audio extraction is a physical limitation of your CD-ROM.

C.M. Weaver

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10-18-00, 02:37 PM
MusicMatch is limited to a certain speed. I saw that on the website. Talk about high price?....I bought my SCSI Smart & Friendly and a few months later I learned they went out of business! Now I can't return it, get any updates on the firmware. If I need service, I HAVE TO PAY for it through a 3rd party servicer. It would have still been under warranty but nooooo....

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10-18-00, 02:46 PM
The non-registered version of MusicMatch is speed limited. The full version is not.

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10-24-00, 12:47 AM
Hey gator let me know if you posted this crap. LOL!? I dont think you would buy HP And I sure as hell wouldn't let you if I say you try. IO-magic sucks!!!