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10-13-00, 07:03 PM
ok, similar (but not quite) to my other post..

i'm wondering what the best way is to install redhat linux from cd when i already have win2k (with ntfs) installed on here. i dont know for sure if it can be done with fdisk or not, and i want TRUE linux non-dos partitions, not "pseudo" installed, if you know what i mean. i have a 27gb hard drive with a fresh install of win2k, and i'd like something like 4gb allocated to a linux partition, dual-bootable also.


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10-13-00, 11:54 PM
How is your drive partitioned right now?
Need to know the # and sizes of partitions.
Primary, Extended, and Logical.
If you have any unpartioned space on your drive, I'll help ya out. If you used the remainder of your drive for an extended partion, you may have to delete it, make a new one (leaving 4G unpartitioned).
Then you install Linux to that remaining 4G of space. Linux will make the partitions Linux native / Swap.
Then Linux will install LILO to the MBR.
This is the program that you use to boot either DOS or Linux.
It's pretty easy but you can't install it to an existing NTFS Logical partition. (if ya can, I don't know) http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

Let us know what ya have right now.


10-14-00, 12:07 AM
Was trying to make a graphical representation of your disk and how My disks are usually set.
However, pasting from notepad does not show the same in here.

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10-14-00, 12:53 PM
welp i have one big 27gb ntfs partition on my 27gb C: drive, plenty of space free (about 25gb right now). i think i'm gonna get a copy of partition magic since i hear its pretty easy to do stuff with it. i also have a 13gb D: drive, which, when i installed redhat on that, it didnt seem to want to work.

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10-16-00, 12:11 AM
Use the D:\ Drive!!
Don't worry about partition magic.
You have got a sweet setup already.
I didn't know you had another drive sitting in there as a slave.

Now, fdisk that second drive.
Delete ALL of the partitions on there.
When you are done doing that, install Linux.
You will make your partitions on that drive.
Use the "Custom" install and then just create your partitions on the free space.
Tell it how big you want your partitions and what you want to name them.
Make sure you have a swap file and then install Linux on them.
Note: Install LILO to the Master Boot Record (MBR). At boot up, this little program will ask you what program to boot (DOS or Linux). At the prompt, just type "linux" or "dos" and it will boot whichever. You can tell LILO to default to your DOS drive (or your Linux drive) and then all you have to do is press ENTER and it will boot that system. If you want to boot the other system, just type "linux" (or DOS if Linux is the default).
That's all ya have to do. Just make sure that you have all your favorite files off of that drive before you FDISK it.

Also, why one big 27G drive?
I would make a few smaller drives so that defrag doesn't take a year.
Plus it's nice to have your OS on one partition and your games/appz/MP3s/Pr0n on separate partitions. This helps in case you have to reinstall your OS. If that situation presents itself, you only format drive C:\ and don't lose ALL of your files.
Just a thought.


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