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10-13-00, 04:16 AM
anyone here a fan of norton systemworks. i have heard differing opinions about it. i am a beginning computer user and don't want to get any viruses. so purchased it and installed. I use the features in it such as the disc fragmenter and cleansweep etc... but i heard that it takes over your system and chooses which files to delete and what have you. though i don't know much about computers, i wouldn't even know the difference. and i also hear that it sucks up resources too. anyway should i uninstall it or keep it. if uninstall, can i download an antivirus software for free, that is very reliable. and what do you all think about the windows 98 defragmenter cleanup etc... or is norton better. thanx

10-13-00, 12:05 PM
I didn't like it because it's a resource hog. It does it's job well and that's what it's designed to do. If your machine is bogged down and your at the point of ripping out your hair, then I would get rid of it.

10-13-00, 01:52 PM
Don`t have system works but I do use Norton Antivirus 2001 and Cleansweep 2001. No problems with either.


10-13-00, 02:07 PM
Norton System works sucks. I made the mistake of buying it and I had nothing but problems. My computer never use to crash or freeze until I installed Crash Guard and after I did it became a regular event. The uninstaller isn't really necessary and the Windows unistaller works just fine and if you want a standalone version of an unistaller there are better ones out there than System Works version. The System Monitor?, who needs it, like in the other responses above all it does is suck up resources. But hey all this is just my opinion and in my opinion I would unistall the whole thing and just install the Anti-Virus software and then use the disk as a drink coaster. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif

10-13-00, 03:24 PM
I have been usin Systemworks since it forst came out and recently downloaded the new version and I think that it totally rocks. I don't, however, use Crashguard. I think it causes more crashes more than it prevents. But other than that, it's an awesome package. I don't use any of the features that run in the background, like Antivirus or Norton Protect. I use those features manually. My favorite feature of the package is Cleansweep. It does a great job at gettin rid of all the junk in your system. Norton Utilities is also far better than any of the utilities built into Windows9x/ME. Norton does a great job at giving your system a performance boost... Norton gets an A from me .

10-13-00, 04:08 PM
Hey Prey, what do you have for virus protect if you don't run the anti-virus in the backround and if i want to do this how can i do as you do. and did you download the 2001 version?

10-13-00, 04:22 PM
I use Norton Antivirus, but I do manual scans, I don't let Auto Protect run in the background. I hate things runnin in the back. I do manual scans about twice a week, or when I sense some suspicious activities. You can go into the Options menu of NAV (Norton Antivirus) and disable the Auto Protect @ Startup option. Actually I downloaded Norton Utilities and NAV seperately and not as a whole package. I could not find Cleansweep 2001, so I am still usin 2000, which works great for me. I don't need Norton Ghost, so I only downloaded what I needed.

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10-13-00, 07:42 PM
i like mine. defrag is faster. cleansweep lets me monitor installs. antivirus is slow but seems to do a good job (avoid autoprotect and run manual scans).

10-14-00, 08:25 AM

I had always did the same as you. Have the anti-virus not running in the background to save those resources.

I upgraded to 2001 a few days ago and forgot to turn it off. Man I`m glad I did because the same day it picked up a virus someone sent in the mail that I wouldn`t have found until I ran a manual scan !!!!

So I have changed my thinking a little and now let it do what it is supposed to do.....

Just a little tip, and by the way I don`t know what virus it was I just deleted it without delay .


10-14-00, 04:59 PM
I got Systemworks when it first came out and just recently upgraded to 2001. I really like Utilities and Anti-Virus, they work very well and have never had a problem with either of them through Win95, Win98, and now WinME. I did not like Crashguard very much, it did seem to me to cause more crashes. And in my opinion Cleansweep just sucks, I use Cybermedia Uninstaller instead, it is the best I have ever used.