View Full Version : WinDoze won't save my f*cking settingz!!!!!

10-12-00, 12:23 AM
Under view/folder options/view i've got Smooth screen font and save folder settings ticked but the settings aren't in effect. Whenever I choose list view or something the setting reverts back to default whenever I reboot, same with the screen font thing, even tho after reboot the settings are still ticked. I recently reinstalled Win98SE from scratch 'n now this happenz, was working find til last week or so, I think theres something screwed with the registry, plzzzzzzzz help!

10-12-00, 02:59 PM
Plzzzzzzzzzz help

10-12-00, 03:21 PM
I think the profanity in the thread topic name turns people off

plus, i have no idea what WinDoze is (never used it)

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10-12-00, 03:23 PM
I dunno if this is right (casue I don't know where you are) but in folder options, after youe set all your changes, click "Like current folder"

10-12-00, 04:32 PM
tiggeruppercut.. ok... when you start windows and the windows login comes up and you click cancel, instead just click on ok the next time and it willl save the settings that you have changed..make sure that if you have not put anything in the un and pw box that you continue not to do so... remeber just click ok...

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10-17-00, 12:27 PM
Did you try changing this from your "display" in control panels? In display under the effects tab.