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10-11-00, 08:51 AM
I am still fairly new to Win2k and I have heard/read that when you set it up you should have an account for the administrator and then create another account for normal everday use, only use the admin account for prog installs and changing user/security settings.
I am the only user of the pc, so is it nessecary to have the 2 accounts? What benefits (if any) are there to setting up this way?

Thanks in advance for any help.


10-11-00, 04:45 PM
i to am the only user and use the admin,this way you have full access to everything.i picked up a win 2000 book last week about 700
pages long you should get one they give you a
lot of tips

10-11-00, 11:38 PM
If you are going to be the only user just use the Admin account(that is how mine is set up).

On the other hand, for example, if you had a business with several networked machines and you were the sole administrator you would want to use the full security of the admin account to prevent others from getting in and changing things..........


10-12-00, 03:49 AM
Thanks alot for the replies. That what I wanted to do, but just wasn't sure if there were any major downfalls to running the system that way.



10-12-00, 11:53 PM
but technically, you should always create another account besides administrator for everyday use. the easy way out it to just log in as admin, but a lot of network administrators will say differently.


10-16-00, 01:39 AM
This is taken from windows help:

Why you should not run your computer as an administrator
You should not add yourself to the Administrators group and you should avoid running your computer while logged on as an administrator. For most computer activity, log on as a member of the Users or Power Users group. If you need to perform an administrator-only task, log on as an administrator, perform the task, and then log off.

Running Windows 2000 as an administrator makes the system vulnerable to Trojan horses and other security risks. The simple act of visiting an Internet site can be extremely damaging to the system. An unfamiliar Internet site may have Trojan horse code that can be downloaded to the system and executed. If you are logged on with administrator privileges, a Trojan horse could do things like reformat your hard drive, delete all your files, create a new user account with administrative access, and so on.

You should add yourself to the Users or Power Users group. When you log on as a member of the Users group, you can perform routine tasks, including running programs and visiting Internet sites, without exposing your computer to unnecessary risk. As a member of the Power Users group, you can perform routine tasks and you can also install programs, add printers, and use most Control Panel items. If you need to perform administrative tasks, such as upgrading the operating system or configuring system parameters, then log off and log back on as an administrator.

If you frequently need to log on as an administrator, you can use Run as. For more information, see Related Topics.

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10-16-00, 09:59 AM

Good point and well taken. But, if every time you visited a site you were worrying about all that, you might as well turn off the computer and watch television.

Just use common sense and some good security tools and all will work out fine.