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10-10-00, 12:01 PM

1. No, at least its not a native Opera feature. Maybe with some other software it might be possible, like Gator. I will post the link later if I find it.

2. Open up IE. Go to File--->Import/Export--->Next--->Export Favorites--->Next--->Favorites Folder--->Next--->Export to a File or Address--->Click on browse make sure that "All Files" is selected in the "Save as Type" field. Now go to the Opera folder. There you will see a file with an .ADR extension. Highlight that file and then click "Save" and then hit "Next". It will probably say do you want to replace this file or something like that. Hit yes and bingo, your IE Favorites have been exported to Opera. Lemme know if you need any further help since I uninstalled Opera a few weeks ago and my memory is a little sketchy on the exact name of the file with the .ADR extension. Hope this helps.

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10-10-00, 11:32 PM
I just installed this software and have registered it. So far I agree that is appears much faster than IE and I like the browser. Now I must ask a few questions.

1. Is there a way to make it save your passwords on sites that issue the pop-up windows??
2. Is there a way to import my favoites file from IE?

Other than that this browser runs smooth.