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10-10-00, 01:17 AM
I just purchased a new system! yeah!!! I have a brand spankin new Dell.

75GB Hdd
SB Live

..and lots more

All I have running is the crap that came pre-installed with the machine (WinMe) and my email client, my system resources are down to around 68% and mostly lower (65%). Hell, I got way better results on my stupid ass 266MHz PII (NT).

Please help with any suggestions..

Before I go do the ditty and wipe the big ole nasty azz hdd from factory WinMe to put Win2k on here, what downfalls to doing all this may cause a lot of the hardware like the CD-RW and DVD-ROM and most likely the SB-Live will need a Win9x environment to run properly?

I've been running, old my old machine, a dual boot system such as WinMe and Win2k Advanced Server. The system resources weren't as bad as they are now!

The old pc:

dumb ass compaq
dual OS WinMe/Win2k AS
PII 266
128MB Ram
DVD-ROM (would only work well with Me installed)

system resources stayed at about 70-75%

*** Does anyone have any suggestions before i go and do the dirty??


10-10-00, 02:52 PM
Yuo should have no hardware conflicts...and you might wan to boot with only your vid card in, and install each other PCI cards separately (to ensure they get a diff IRQ)

If you're gonna fdisk and partition your 75GB, there's a lttile bug in fdisk. (I'm assuming you know how to partition in fdisk) Instead of putting actual # for you partition space (ie. 30GB, 20GB) you haev to use percentages of your total (ie. 30%, 25%)

and damn, 65% from 512!!!, that's a lot of proggies running htere!

how mcuh did that cost you??

oh, btw, you might want to consider usin win2k with your setup. It will mange your RAM much better than Win 9x.

10-10-00, 09:03 PM
start>run>msconfig uncheck things u know are not needed and hit ok (under startup tab) prebuilt comps come w/ lots of crap runnin

10-10-00, 10:49 PM
Let me narrow that down a little. In MSCONFIG, you want to leave the following files turned on.
scan registry
the line that has mouse or pointer in it(depending on which mouse they sent you)
both of the lines that say load power profiles
and of course norton auto protect

I work for dell and when I clear startup files for ME these are the only files I leave on.

10-11-00, 11:22 PM
thanks fellas!