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05-06-07, 12:27 AM
well, i gave up on my pc i was building, i think i broke the mobo due to the manuel being printed wrongly.

SO, im looking to just buy a desktop so i wont have to go through the hassle of building one and possibly breaking it again.

ok i have windows 2000, and monitor already. what i need is a built and tested working pc. be it refurbished or used. thses would be my minimum requirements:

2.2ghz (would like a p4 over any other cpu)
512 ram (can be 256 ram or no ram if its 184 pin pc3200)
AGP slot needed
around 250 or less in price.

thats it and thats all. ive been watching ebay and almost got a p4 3.2ghz with 4mb of ram for 175 bucks but got outbid with 2 seconds left. also been lokkin at geeks.com. the prices seem cheap but that also makes me quit suspicious.

any help on where to shop would be greatly appreciated.

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05-06-07, 03:58 PM
4mb ram? what is it a high end 486 lol

05-06-07, 04:59 PM

was in an email from fry's outpost.

05-06-07, 05:11 PM
Dell or HP.com

05-08-07, 12:27 AM
Are you sure the mobo is broken?

What did you do exactly following the manual that broke it?