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05-05-07, 06:08 AM
hi guys sorry if i am at the wrong post ..i have some questions that i need help.. i am currently facing a problem which i dont even know how it happened ... First i had c, e, d, f , g drives but when i restarted the pc i only had only c and e drives shown .. i do not know if it was because i tranfered some files back to back from D, F, G drives... i check the device manager and my hardisk is still there and its says device is working properly.. i have 2 hard disk and the ones that i am trying to get back which holds D,F,G drives. the first hard disk contains the c and e.... read a few articles and came up with partition recovery which i am trying to learn how to use?.. tried it but it always says my hard disk is has not been properly initialise by os.. and a asked me to initialise it first by using either disk management or fix mbr using the partition recovery program?...

so i decided to reformat the drive but when i got there its say set up is unable to access it.... was trying to do a new partition as i gave up on trying to get back the files that i had in that drive.. any one knows wat do i need to do ?... been on it for 2 days now and to no avail.. is there a way for me to get back the files ??.. if there isnt a way then how do i reformat and partition the the drive which set ip is unable to access???.. really need help here .. but i really wants those files back too but then if its a gone case then i much rather reformat the hard disk...:(

05-05-07, 06:14 AM
2 things I'd check...

Is the second hard drive showing up in the BIOS of your PC?
If so....is it also showing up in Disk Management of Windows?

The drive just may have physically tanked.

05-05-07, 06:20 AM
Yes the hard drive shows up at the bios... but it didnt show up at the disk manangement ...

05-05-07, 06:25 AM
Not sounding good.....

Can try reseating the drive on the cable. Perhaps even try a new ribbon cable. But it is sounding like the hard drive did go belly up..if the OS doesn't see it in disk management.

05-05-07, 06:48 AM
:( well ok ... like to apologise but i dont understand by wat you mean by reseating the drive on the cable .. and the a new ribbon cable are those the ones that connects to the motherboard??... sorry i am kind of a noob in pc stuff but never hurts to learn... ok lets say in da disk management right... it shows DISK 0 online | C 97 GB | E 92 GB------------> the second hard drive is supposed to be showing in there too right ??? i mean if the disk management were to show the hard drive??..well i try it out with wat you asked me to try..cheers!!! man i hope its nothing major !!!

05-05-07, 06:56 AM
Yeah the cable is what connects the hard drive to the motherboard. Your drive will have 2x cables...the power (molex), and the flat IDE ribbon cable. Or..if it's a newer PC..may be a SATA cable...not ribbon like. Either way...I've sometimes seen a bum connection or a bum cable cause issues.

Naturally you want to take precaution here..don't do this while the PC is running. Static discharge 'n grounding to the case before you touch components. Etc.

Yes..it should show in Disk Management much like your first disk. At least show up as another disk over on the left side. Any partitions seen would show up on the right.

05-05-07, 07:02 AM
AhhHhh ic thanks alot... gonna give it a shot after this and see wat happens ... freaking 2 days non stop of sleep and i am just getting beaten all over by this pc !!! lol

05-05-07, 07:08 AM
...and i am just getting beaten all over by this pc !!! lol

Heh....welcome to computers! :D

05-05-07, 07:17 AM
AhhHhh ic thanks alot... gonna give it a shot after this and see wat happens ... freaking 2 days non stop of sleep and i am just getting beaten all over by this pc !!! lol

I would have thrown it out the damn window after the first day.