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04-21-07, 01:55 AM
I want to buy a 226BW Monitor. My concern is the video card. After opening all modes the monitor resolution needed of 1680 X 1050 is not shown. I've read some FX 5200 cards will work and some won't.

What is your opinion on this card? Think it can be used? If not suggest a good card or how about this one? EVGA 256-A8-N295-LX GeForce 6200 LE 256MB GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card .

I'm not really a gamer, just need a decent card to run my monitor at the correct resolution and not break the bank. The above card is $51 at newegg where I will buy the monitor. Do I really need any more ram?

Pentium 4 3GB. 512 MB ram. GForce FX 5200 128MB. Its an HP A450N

Thanks, reeo

04-21-07, 09:06 AM
I'm going to post a card in the sale forums if you wish to check it out.. its a ATI 9800 pro I got from a friend of mine..i dont need it but it will handle the resolution you wish and I'm going to get rid of it for 30$ so let me know.

04-21-07, 11:18 AM
but I wanted to have a card sent with the monitor so I would receive them at the same time. I would probably be getting in over my head technical wise anyway. Prefer to stay with Nvidia. Any other suggestions?

Thanks, reeo