View Full Version : 1990 eagle summit, need help!

04-18-07, 10:54 AM
my car wont start. my wife was driving and when she stopped at the store the car wouldnt start back up. it tries to turn over but nothing. ive changed the fuel pump, but that wasnt it. i cant find a book on it either. if i put gas or starter fluid in with the air filter it will start but then it dies. i get gas up to the injecters but i dont think its getting past them. i was told the injecters dont normally go out all at once. advice anyone?

04-18-07, 08:27 PM
is the fuel getting to the injectors? ei... fuel pump is pumping, fuel coming out topside bfore the injectors ect... i dont know but im sure it would be very rare for all of the injectors to go all at once... but there may be some electrical device controlling them that may have gone bad... not sure, havnt heard of an eagle summit...

04-26-07, 12:58 AM
im getting fuel 2 the injecters but nothing after that. a friend of mine told me i might have gotten air in my gas line & that i could bleed the line at the injecters. i tried that but that didnt help either. ive had a friend check the relay 4 the injecters & as far as he can tell its good. we went & got 2 more just in case & still nothing.