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04-16-07, 04:12 AM
Im getting a message once in every while from the task bar saying virtual memory too low ?? I have 1gb of ddr2 ram and running windows xp. can anyone give me an idea of why im getting this message and how i can fix it ?


04-16-07, 07:27 AM
A lot of games today require more than 1Gb of memory. So either your virtual memory setting is too low or it may be turned off. Upgrading to 2Gb of memory would probably make it go away in 90% of cases.

The only game that still crashed on me was Vanguard...but that was because that game is a bugged out POS with memory leaks that would make a cruise ship sink. Uninstalling made the problem go away.

*edit* You can check to see memory usage during such times. In task manager, under the performance tab, look in the Commit Charge (K) box. Peak is the most it has utilized. If peak passes the limit your system will pop an error and probably crash whatever program your in.

To increase your virtual memory right click on 'my computer', hit the 'advanced' tab, hit 'settings' in the 'performance box', hit 'advanced' tab in the new box that pops up, under 'virtual memory' hit the 'change' button, Then under 'custom size' you can increase it's size.

04-16-07, 07:52 AM
Common error if your system has been infected by some malware..such as adware, spyware, worm of sorts, etc.

I'd first check to see that your system is clean, using a good anti ad/spyware program, and a good antivirus program. Also that you have windows updates.

Now for the setting itself...you can just let Windows manage it..as NT does a good job by itself.

Make sure the drive that you have your pagefile on has adequate free space.

04-16-07, 08:08 AM
cheers fellas for the info.