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Anyone who has the school of thought that American cars built before 1971 are the best please lets discuss and post pictures here. Im new to the forum and really cant go into much right know but I would like to voice my opinion by telling you folks late model cars aren't very applicable just based on cost of parts especially when you buy some foreign car jap german italian those vws korean POS cars you know. As a young person Im looking for raw horsepower and torque and dont mind an old school car with a supercharger opposed to todays fuel injected cars not to mention turbo chargers for late models can get costly. all about getting that air flowing under the motor dont have time to go into everything one can do but I want this thread to be used as a sounding board for all car enthusiasts but specifically older GM, Ford, Mopar or any other older american manufacturers that went out of business sadly. Im a huge GM and mopar fan but I mainly only care for the lincolns out of the ford motor corp. but the ford fairlane I saw a 1941 convertible couple days ago was quite a ride and obviously the mustang and a 5.0 1990 will beat any honda civic nissan 350 z toyota fastbacks or whatever. and this is based on equal equipment. hondas with stick shifts are really fast though considering their 4 bangers. Ive hauled a$$ in quite a few but have gone much faster in a 66 fastback dodge and my pontiac grandprix with the small block 350. This is all im writing for know but we need to discuss customization techniques in here if anyone else knows anything mechanically or bodywork or car stereo. Im very skilled in car stereo and detail but who isnt. Im good enough mechanically I need more experiance with body work. Take care everyone and god bless I had a great easter sunday hope everyone else did 2

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aluminum carb all the way