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04-07-07, 11:02 AM
Here's the latest Update from Insight Communications CEO Michael Willner

A Message From Insight CEO Michael Willner

Earlier this week, we announced that the Insight Midwest partnership, which is owned 50% by Insight Communications and 50% by Comcast, would be divided. You may be wondering why this is occurring and how that will affect your cable services.

First, some history – Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider, acquired AT&T Broadband in 2002. AT&T owned a 50% interest in Insight Midwest which was included in that acquisition. AT&T Broadband had a number of passive investments in other cable companies and Comcast said publicly that these partnerships were not aligned with their longer-term strategy. As a result, Comcast and their various partners have been discussing how to divide their joint assets and our announcement was simply one of a number of these transactions. Indeed, Comcast and Time Warner split up a similar partnership by dividing the assets in a joint venture which served Houston, Kansas City and southwest Texas.

We have been talking with Comcast for quite some time about how to achieve their goal with as little disruption to customers as possible. Comcast expressed their desire to divide the cable systems. Based on their existing operations, they had a preference to own the systems that were geographically close to theirs – specifically those in northern and central Indiana and in Illinois. It was a logical division so we agreed to proceed on that basis.

We expect that the actual transition will occur no later than the end of this year. Until then we will be working closely with Comcast to ensure a smooth transition from our operations to theirs. Comcast is very experienced at transitioning newly acquired cable customers seamlessly and we expect that the transition will be very smooth and non-disruptive to you.

Before you post a lot of questions, please understand that I am posting this strictly for informational purposes because I want to keep you as informed about what is happening as possible. I cannot answer specific questions nor can I comment on the types of services Comcast will be offering in their systems when this transition is completed. However, they are an excellent cable operator with vast experience and I’m sure you will continue to enjoy your services from them.

As for Insight, I have read a few posts questioning our viability as a stand alone entity with half the customers. We will own a very compact, interconnected group of systems with great operating efficiencies. Indeed, today Insight is the 9th largest cable operator in the United States and after the split it will be the 11th largest operator. There are many, many successful cable companies serving far fewer customers than the number we will retain. We have stated publicly that we are content to continue to operate our half of the company and, in due course, will consider all of our options.

We have enjoyed serving all of our customers and I have especially valued my experience with all of you. The BBR community has been extremely informative even if it is sometimes quite challenging. Most importantly, your feedback has helped us make Insight Broadband a great choice for Internet connectivity. Sure we’ve had our bumps along the way, but to give credit where credit is due, your suggestions and comments have contributed to our improvements and success.

Finally, allow me to say that we have served all of our customers with the same care and dedication for many years. Between now and the transition of the systems going to Comcast, we will remain equally dedicated to all of you. I look forward to continuing to keep a watchful eye on your posts and making sure we’re doing the best we can for you! Thank you for your continued business.

07-11-07, 06:17 PM
Here's the latest Update from Insight Communications CEO Michael Willner

hopefully you are watching and you did get my email. My service hasn't worked properly since the day I signed up. If you check my call logs I have called every single time that my connection has gone down I have had 13 technicians at my house...

I have had 4 MAIN-LINE repairs down (one involved 5 people) and still I have problems.

I am in Highland Heights, KY 41076 and things are NOT good...one of the last technicians told me that I had neighbors with the same problem but they seemed to have stopped complaining or left insightbb.

I need this resolved..there are no other services in my area for phone/broadband...I had issues with CIncinnati Bell and fought with them for 6+ years until this year when they told me that they knew what the problem was but they weren't going to fix it because it would be to expensive.

That is when I moved to insight and I have been fighting with them for 3 months (since the day I signed up)...I have called every single day and have spent HOURS!! AND HOURS! On the phone trying to get this fixed....I have left work over 6 times to meet the techs at my house and have had to ask my son to leave work 3 or 4 times..

This is rediculous...I have small children. The last straw is when my sister's windshield got busted this past weekend and she was calling me for help and couldn't get a hold of me while she was stuck on the side of the express way...


I have been more than patient...you can ask all the customer service reps, the engineers I've talked to and the technicians...only recently have I started to raise my voice and cursed a bit......

I sent you an email and hopefully you will contact me unlike the local store managers who are ignoring me.

When it works the internet is pretty good, but voice is very poor...when it doesn't work...well its broken...