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04-01-07, 03:40 AM
Ahh.. screw it.. Google bots move along along with any other bot.. there's nothing to see here.. if you're interested in joining this clan please join our forums..


in case that doesn't work use this link:


for those who seeking to join this clan.. our rules are simple..

You must have Xbox live gold
You must have a mic
You must be at least 13 years old.
You must NOT be a cheater of any kind that includes glitching, standbying and hacking
You must NOT be racist or a discriminator of any kind.
You must be active in the forums with at least 1 post per week

We accept everyone of all shapes, colours, forms, sizes, gender, whatever..
It doesn't matter about whether you suck or not.. this clan is about having fun.. :thumb:

simple as that.. now as for clan games.. our current clan games are as follows:

Saints Row
Call of Duty 2 & 3
Lost Planet

Future Clan games:
Halo 3
Unreal Tournament III

Pending Games:
Gears of War
Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars
G.R.A.W 2

well I haven't gone into the details of the rules but yeah.. go to our rules (http://zppirates.5gbfree.com/zppforums/viewtopic.php?t=15) in our forums and please read it thoroughly. :)

Gamertag changes are not required.
Currently only open to US, CAN & UK.
After signing up to the forums (if interested in the clan) please use the recruitment form (http://zppirates.5gbfree.com/zppforums/viewtopic.php?t=4).

04-14-07, 12:33 PM
edit: son of |31TC|-| I dropped my keyboard and it posted something random.. because it pressed some keys and it posted a quick reply and now i'm irritated because I wanted to let this go off the main page.. :irate:.. didn't want to bump it.. argh.. move along people.. there's nothing to see here..

04-14-07, 03:44 PM
I'll join? :D

04-14-07, 04:31 PM
I'll join? :D

o.O'.. well if you really want to join.. just join our forums and use the recruitment form as stated above which I just added..