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02-20-07, 02:22 PM
Well as always I was doing some poking and prodding around the net.. and I have came across a few sites with a good sum of info.


that's what game me most of the info for the game but they're saying it's gonna be 120 players out in the battlefield.. but then I look everywhere else.. they're saying that it's gonna have 200 players 100v100 in the battlefield.. so now i'm confused and don't know what to believe and there are people saying this about the 360 version.

They're saying they're kind of holding back on the 360 version to create some offline story mode of sorts.. but I could care less for that myself.. i'm all in for it because of the fact that it's gonna be a MMO.. if it turns out to be that it wont be that and just another PSU i'm not gonna bother with it.. well I found this info in some forums..

It's like this:

Sapiens (PC players): Nostalonia
Alternatives (PC players): ESKA
Hybrid Liberation Army (360 players): HLA Headquarters

With the HLA having a singleplayer campaign, and limited acess to some crossplatform fighting and trading - but not full.

I'm definetley getting the PC version, the 360 just seems like it doesn't have the substance for a true MMO at all...


So what your saying is the Xbox 360 players will have "limited" access to fighting in the large scale battles that it seems Huxley will be all about, but that also Xbox 360 players will have again, "limited" access to the persistant world that Huxley is in... how could this be, you think that they would offer as much to the xbox owner as the pc owner, just like for FFXI(i played the xbox beta, but didnt like the game, but still it was the same game as the PC version, if Im correct) I dont get this, I dont play many PC games, I was hoping Huxley would be the MMO to have for xbox 360, and not some crappy game thats not even an mmo, like phantasy star universe, so can someone explain to me... I dont want to have to buy a brand new PC just to play Huxley... I really hope when its said and done and the game is out, your playing the same game on the xbox 360 that other people are playing on the PC

another reply:

"What's really cool is that PC and Xbox 360 players will be able to interact on the same servers, though it also sounds like the Xbox 360 players will have separate battle zones"

Some other stuff from the same forums but different thread:

will the huxley for the 360 be linkable online with the one for PC?


There is still debate on that. Sometimes I hear they will, sometimes I hear they won't. Other times I hear yes, but not in the battlezones or I've heard the 360 players will being playing the Hybrids if wanting to play with PC players. Maybe someone who knows more can help you but this what I've heard around the campfire.


Here's the skinny from what I've read, and heard in interviews:

The PC, and 360 versions ARE linkable, and you will be able to play against your mates on whatever format.

The 360 version will have a single player campaign, set 30 years after the PC version... and the interaction with PC players will come in the form of "Flashbacks" that will take you online to play vs PC players.

At E3, there was a demonstration whereby the Dev logged into the PC version of Huxley, then logged into the 360 version, and people were watching them both interact on one screen.

Another question same thread:

Can you play Multiplayer seperately on x360? Meaning not just through the singleplayer campaign.


I don't think so, from what I read/heared itīs just an Arena Style Type of Gameplay, far apart from Characterdevelopment like in the PC Version (itīs not an MMo, its just a Shooter with no Roleplayingelements like Levels or something like that) - but you can still obtain several Items through fighting PC-Players.

There's a question that keeps going through my head and that's if it's gonna be one of those pay to play games.. and well the answer is more than likely yes but there's some bits of stuff going around that you can pay with Microsoft points for your sub to play online.. but otherwise anywhere from 10-15 per month is gonna be the more feasible thing and as for release dates there's no official word on that yet aside from "some time in 2007".. although there's been release dates out there especially from stores saying they're coming out with the game on 3/1/2007.. which somehow seems highly unlikely.. reserve it at your own risk I say.. i'm gonna sit back and watch.. see what happens.. the xbox 360 is gonna come out 6 months after the pc release so the most feasible (earliest) release date for this game is some time in july..

Well that's what I got so far.. if you got any questions about the game feel free to poke and prod around the net like i did or check out some of those links.. or you can ask your questions here and i'll poke and prod around the net for you and i'll see what I can find..

Questions or comments?

02-21-07, 08:34 AM
Good info man , I'm checking it out now. Wow has gotten old for me with a 64 Rogue , several alts in the mid 30-40's plus some horde characters int he 20's.

Eq's PVP scheme wasn't enough to hold me there. In Wow , I LOVE the PVP , it sounds like this game will have some pretty good PVP and be more of an FPS.

02-21-07, 08:50 AM
Hehe I was never really into the Wow and Eq stuff.. I just found it to be.. a bit boring if you ask me.. well I fixed one thing in there.. I didn't see that I pasted the same thing twice.. so now after the whole "some other stuff from the same forums but different thread" it should now say "will the huxley for the 360 be linkable online with the one for PC?" so yeah.. okay sorry for that error.. blah.. well I'm just really hoping it's just going to be an add on the whole single player stuff on the console and not the main focus.. hopefully the game will be it's fullest for the online and offline.. and by fullest i mean like it's pc counterpart for the online stuff.. just go ahead and leave the extra bonus stuff for the pc people online since they don't get the offline stuff like the console people do.

03-10-07, 02:50 PM
It looks good, playing it no matter what.

Have you ever played shadowbane, UO, Heroes ?

03-13-07, 11:53 AM
100v100?! all that makes me thing about is lag lag and lagging everywhere!:eek:

03-13-07, 04:30 PM
100v100?! all that makes me thing about is lag lag and lagging everywhere!:eek:


You never played Shadowbane, it was 1000 vs 20000 ...and yes it was laggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

03-13-07, 04:52 PM
it'd be even more lag tacular on the PC as the xbox 360 i believe has some sort of limit of 30ms (thus being the reason mmorpgs are really hard to make for the xbox 360 and the reason we're not seeing very many) or something like that.. don't remember now.. but yeah.. i'm sure it'll be like test drive unlimited.. or some other racing game.. you dont really feel the lag at all.. i mean you can see it.. but you dont feel it yourself.. but meh oh well.. I do believe there's gonna be some sort of anti-lag system going on.. i don't know for sure.. but the servers themselves will hold 5000 people per server.. but battlefields will be on a small scale of 60v60 (people are still thinking of 120v120 but this is highly unlikely or else we'll probably have another shadowbane on our hands either that or they'll probably have some really really really good servers on hand for the battlefields) I was thinking about post more info about this game.. more details... such as vehicles.. weapons.. classes.. races.... and just a basic faq of sorts.. what do you people think?

03-14-07, 11:39 AM

You never played Shadowbane, it was 1000 vs 20000 ...and yes it was laggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyNope never played it, ill check it out sometime. I really wanna kno more about that grand theft auto 4 and spiderman 3:rtfm:

03-23-07, 12:43 PM
go to gamespot.com and search... or possibly go through the thread i made for game releases.. I'm not looking forward to either one of those games.. i kind of needed something from saints row that would require like a screen shot from the capture card to get a clearer picture.. but you don't have saints row.. just wanted to take a couple pictures of my guy... mainly of his cap and jacket as i'm trying to show what will be required to be in the gang in saints row..

04-03-07, 03:55 PM
Well I posted more stuff about huxley in Huxley Information Compilation (http://forums.speedguide.net/showthread.php?t=219669)..