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This Friday it will be me my dad rivas and DJ v.s. Rarely, Winkey, Donz, and finally Flood... please just trust me... It will maybe be good for us to kill each other anyway... you dont have to reply if you dont want to but pm me and tell me if you are going to play... gods speed :nod: :thumb:

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This Friday it will be me my dad rivas and DJ v.s. Rarely, Winkey, Donz, and finally Flood... please just trust me... It will maybe be good for us to kill each other anyway... you dont have to reply if you dont want to but pm me and tell me if you are going to play... gods speed :nod: :thumb:

Never going to happend, I'm not playing with Rarely, Donz and especially Floodmasters.

Have fun guys :cool:

02-19-07, 05:12 AM
can't we all just get along???


I'm in :thumb:

02-19-07, 10:47 AM
can't we all just get along???


I'm in :thumb:

ok you are out of my friend list then :rotfl: :rotfl:

Nah I cant get along with them, i'm sorry.

02-19-07, 12:18 PM
ok you are out of my friend list then :rotfl: :rotfl:


Nah I cant get along with them, i'm sorry.

I'm still now real clear on that whole deal, but it's your decision bro ...

02-19-07, 03:42 PM

I'm still now real clear on that whole deal, but it's your decision bro ...

Whatever bro, I'm not gonna be jackass, but there is no way I will be on their team.
Me, You, Kyle and DAN or DarkSoul.

If Darksoul will be playing we can just talk and do nothing he will kill them all.

Been playing ranked matches with him 20 rounds, most of the time everyone quits and it's me and him vs 4 ...and we always win :rotfl: In spite of the facts he has 52 kills and I do have the rest :o

BTW I dont like your new avatar LOL :D

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Interesting FAQ, and YEAH Glitchers = Cheaters F OFF

Gears Of War
In-Depth Multiplayer Guide
V 1.5

Copyright 2006 by Patrick Connors. Any portion used in any
other guide may be used only by my permission, although is otherwise
welcome. I don't like people plagiarizing my work; just give me credit
for my long nights of frustration getting worked by online gamers!

FAQ Objective:
I am attempting my first FAQ with this guide, for I feel a
lack of coverage with the multiplayer aspects of this amazing
game. This is probably due to everyone playing it non-stop.
I intend to keep this guide as pleasing to aching eyes as possible.
This FAQ is increasing in detail on many aspects, but strategy
on maps, hiding spots, glitches and other hands-on elements of
the gamer are not covered here; these are things that you need to
learn by doing, and can't be learned in a FAQ. This FAQ merely
provides the facts of the game as they are learned, and you may
take this knowledge into the online battlefield. Have fun!

Updated to include a couple of errors. Thanks to FrozenFOXX for your help!
More updates and name corrections (hammerburst, ect). Thanks to ArmadilloTaco.
I personally noticed I forgot a map in the list completely (duh). Hope no one
noticed... ;)
Slight changes, nothing too noticeable.
Even slighter changes, doubt you'll notice these.
Damage ratios, and melee striking issues directly addressed. The hammerburst
is now covered fully, but I still don't agree with the E-mails. Please read in
the weapons section, and part 4: FAQ for a detailed explanation.
Oh, and about 100 spelling errors corrected.
More stuff added, and probrably more spelling errorrs. (Just kidding there)
Lots more stuff added, mainly in part 4. Be sure to read the new section
dedicated to latency issues, cheers to One One Seven for the permission to
post some of his work on here!

Table of contents:




PART 4: FAQ (Frequently Annoying Quirks)


The 3 words that describe the versus mode: TEAM DEATH MATCH.

The versus mode in GOW is designed purely with the aspect of teamwork in
mind. This is very important for you, as a newer player, to understand before
you go jumping into your doom; even if your a level 35 in Halo 2, your not
getting very far at all in this game online if your going balls-out on the
maps. Allow me, if you wish to read it, to explain the concept of versus in

Teams of 2, 3 and most often 4 wage short battles on mainly symmetrical
maps, placing flank maneuvers and suppressive firing in order to outsmart and
out gun the competition. This is, of course, not how every battle is waged,
but you may find yourself in truly epic battles when you use your HEAD
instead of using your trigger finger.

Each battle starts out with your team on one end, and your opponents on
the other. Most of the maps as mentioned, are symmetrical. They are ALL very
simple to map out in your head, with cover spots varying somewhat on each
end, to spice things up. Generally, powerful weapons by default are placed
either in the center, or in other fought-over locations.

The main initial (and never ending) difficulty factor to overcome within
GOW is the perspective in which you fight. The 3rd person, over-one-shoulder
perspective is designed for limited and immersed action. When you run to a
location, you are hard to hit, but you also have a hard time seeing where
you are going. You are always vulnerable to attack from each side and behind,
and need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. You will find, or
have found out, how easy it is to be flanked from the side in this game.
With time and experience, however, this is something you will overcome.

Each player starts out with the same weapons, and can be used effectively
by themselves to achieve victory; the more powerful weapons located on the
map are deadly in the correct hands, but never underestimate any player with
his default weapons. More on that later.

Your health in GOW is more or less regenerating, ala Halo 2. When you take
damage, a COG symbol (a gear shape) appears in the center of the screen.
The more red the symbol is, the more hurt you are. You only need a few seconds
of not getting hit for the symbol to disappear. A full recovery takes 6 full
seconds, no matter how much or little damage you take. The start of your
recovery is about 2 and a half seconds.

When you take too much gunfire, you will drop to your knees. You are
completely disabled at this time, and depending on the game setting, in
immediate need of assistance from a teammate. There is a major difference with
the 3 different gametypes, in which you can be finished off before a teammate
can revive you. Basically, 2 of the 3 involve your immediate death from an
enemy shooting you again when you are on the ground. A third gametype requires
the enemy to be right next to you to kill you off; more on that later.


Here are some general facts that assist in starting off in GOW:

Game modes: WARZONE

WARZONE: In warzone, a single shot when you are down will eliminate you for
the remainder of the round. If you are down, tapping "A" will SLOW down the
time frame in which you "bleed out", and die if you teammates do not revive
you. This timeframe is set by the host, and can be from 5 to 60 seconds.

ASSASSINATION: Same details as above, but with 2 key differences:
1: Your objective, and points awarded, are directed at the "leader" of the
other team. If you or someone on your team kills the leader, you win the
round. Whoever kills the leader of the other team becomes the leader for the
next round.
2: Only the leader can use the weapons stored on the map. This means snipers,
frags, whatever. It's good to be the king.

FrozenFOXX update: -You mentioned that only the leader can use special weapons
in Assassination. This isn't so, even as detailed in the manual. Nobody else
can pick them up *initially* but after the leader picks it up (say, the
Longshot) they can pick up their old weapon, thus dropping the special weapon
for anyone on your team to pick up. Good assassination players ask people
what special weapons they want when a round starts; bad ones horde the guns
for themselves and weaken the team as a result. (Thanks) ********************

EXECUTION: Same strategy applies as to warzone, except one HUGE difference:
The opponent that downs you needs to be a couple feet away from you to kill
the weapon involved. If you are down, tapping "A" will SPEED up the time in
which you will revive on your own. Take great care when approaching a downed
opponent; many hosts set the "bleed out" time to 5 seconds, so a surprise kill
might be in store for the cocky.


If you are starting out and getting used to GOW, do us all a favor, and
yourself, by starting out in Player Match mode. It's more fun and less
irritating to your teammates if you are new to the game. Now that that rant
is out of the way:


Do not call it a server. Every match in GOW is hosted by another player,
hence he/she is a HOST. When selecting options on finding a game, you may
press the "X" button while it's in "refresh" mode. This will reveal an instant
ping of the immediate results, with less refined details. If you are impatient
this is a good way to get into a game.


This is surprisingly hard for some people to figure out (it took me about
30 minutes to get it right), but it's very simple to do.
Make sure only 1 profile is signed in the main menu. Select "X Box Live
Player Match", and the option of "guest sign in" will appear on the bottom.
Sign in as a GUEST, not a profile you made up in the X box dashboard.
As you might guess, you cannot have guests in ranked matches. (No pun)


After loading up a map when connecting to your host (or starting a match),
you begin in the "center" of the team setup. You will be invisible to the
other players for the most part, but you can talk to them still if you wish.
pressing either direction will pick your team you wish to be on; the game
does not allow unbalanced teams, so if there is 1 more player on 1 team, you
must go on the opposite.
Player matches continue until the host removes himself, and usually has a
rotating map scheme. You will often come into a match in progress, and join
after the round (not match) is over.


All ranked matches are started in the pregame lobby; you can't continue a
match after it's over, and must start a new game every time. Simply put, get
in, play, go home.
Unlike player matches, you can't start the match until it is a least 3 on
3. Most matches begin with 4 on 4.
Like previously stated, only experienced players should go through the
trouble to get into ranked matches. Don't start learning the ropes in this
area, or you're going to have a rough time getting into this game.


You probably should have played the Campaign a bit before jumping into
multiplayer, so the basic, basic controls I will not list. But here are some

Running forward does not require any actual pressing of UP, only the A
button. This is important if you are running forward and trying to drink coke.

IMPORTANT: This is a VERY helpful technique you should learn right away:
Pressing in ANY direction and holding "a" (RUN) will make you run in that
direction. This is KEY in getting around quickly, and getting away from
danger! A nice move is rolling left or right, and in mid-roll, holding the
direction you want to run. At the end of your roll you will take off.
The most difficult thing about GOW is NOT taking cover when you don't want
to. You will most likely (and we all do) struggle with certain spots in which
you "catch" cover when you're actually trying to get away from somebody. You
need to develop a timing, and let go of "A" when you know you're going to
take cover on something coming up.

Advanced cover: Taking cover by hitting the "A" button against a wall or
other object can be done from any angle, if you press directly towards the
object and pressing "A". For example: If you run along a wall that is on your
right, simply press "right" and "A" at the same time, and you will take cover.
Moving the control stick in the respective direction to leap out of cover is
done in the same fashion; in order to gain critical speed in this game you
should practice moving around the map without hesitation.

Sliding cover: Pressing "A" when approaching any cover, and pressing the
direction of that cover, you will "slide" into it. Not only does this look
awesome, but is necessary to speed up your player when climbing steps.

Running along cover: Not everyone knows this, but holding "A", and moving
the control stick along the cover (left or right), makes you run along it,
making advanced cover movement MUCH faster.

Roll and fire: This is a technique that irritates players, but works best
when you are caught off-gaurd and under fire: Roll left, right, forward and
backward, and pulling the left trigger (aim) to pop off a shot. You will at
the very least buy some time for backup. Use this with the shotgun!

Blindfire: Do not overuse the blindfire feature, in which you fire without
pulling the left trigger to pop out of cover and aim. You are vulnerable to
sniper fire, and are generally 80% more harmless than you think. The shotgun
is the closest thing to deadly with this technique, but takes practice.
Conversely, one of the best techniques with blindfiring is throwing frag
or smoke grenades with blindfiring. This is surprisingly deceptive and very

Melee attacks: Like in H2, melee attacks are quite deadly if done right.
Every weapon deals the same damage (except the chainsaw), requiring 2 hits
to down the opponent. A third strike can kill the enemy, but you can also
curb stomp "X" the opponent at this point as well.
If you catch a player with a Melee attack, and they look stunned, your
best bet is circling behind (if you're not) him, and do not let go of "B".
Your attacks are the fastest when you hold the button down, making melee kills
quite easy.
A frequent technique is rushing forward with the pistol, hip firing (not
using the aimer) and scoring a few hits. This wounds the other player, making
1 melee strike down the opponent.
As you may know, meleeing a player with the grenade equipped will "tag"
the other player, causing instant death, or heartburn, depending on the type
of grenade.
Updating on E-mails I've received, I should note that the Hammer Of Dawn
(listed below) is the only weapon that takes more than 2 strikes to down an
enemy. And on topic, NO other weapon is any different from each other, period.
Read below for more information on this.

Longshot/Pistol zoom: Clicking the right stick with the left trigger held
down will zoom in the respective weapon.

Reload/Active Reload

This is where I explain the ACTIVE RELOAD system, if you don't already
know. This is VERY important in multiplayer; it may make the difference in all
of your matches from here on if you master this gamebreaker.

When you press the right bumper, an icon appears on the right hand side,
with a slider running across it. If you press the button within the grey area
that appears within the bar, you will reload instantly.
If you time it incorrectly, you will audibly grumble as your gun jams.
Your gun takes then 3 times as long to reload, and you CAN'T SWITCH GUNS.
This is very important to pay attention to when dueling an opponent. If they
screw up their reload, you can close the distance, and vice-versa!
Now, if you time the reload within the small white line wihin the bar, you
will both reload instantly, and replace lost bullets with more damaging ammo!
This is the most important part of firefighting opponents, as you can
devastate them with proper active reloading. 3 things are to be remembered
about the active reload:

1: The effect lasts 5 seconds, so you need to time it correctly.

2: The LongShot (sniper rifle), when AR'ed, downs you with 1 shot to
the body. If you are dueling someone with the longshot, do not expose yourself
when you hear them exclaim with joy when they AR. More on that in a bit.

3: You need to deplete ammo to replace it with active reloaded ammo;
you will notice the shells/bullets/arrows flash when you reload correctly. In
other words, if you use 1 shell from the shotgun, and you AR, only the first
round is more powerful. If you use ALL of the ammo for the shotgun, you won't
be able to use all the rounds in AR mode, because the effect is too short.


I think this would be everyone's favorite section to write about.

Each weapon is listed with basic functions, and also a detailed account on
is true deadliness when used against other players. In a nutshell, do not go
against an opponent if you know he has a better gun than you.

This is your versus default weapon, used primarily to down opponents from
a medium distance away. It has a large clip, and is very deadly when AR'ed.
The most glaring and now overused feature of the lancer is it's chainsaw
bayonet. You may instantly kill any opponent in melee range with it's gruesome
blades of death. It's really quite fun, although cheesy to opponents...

USES: Always an all-around weapon to carry with you when you're not sure on
what to use. It's average in every killing category. And it has the bayonet.
ADVANTAGE: Great for assisting players in downing opponents; it's spray-
and-pray uses are numerous, and is good at pecking away at players who are
attempting cover.
DISADVANTAGE: Weak up close, unless you pull off the chainsaw kill.
Players that are experienced at this game will take you down quickly if you
attempt to use the chainsaw up close. Do not get into the habit of trying to
chainsaw close opponents that are facing you. And DO NOT chainsaw an opponent
when there is more than 1 enemy nearby! You are guaranteed to die as a result.

BEST AGAINST: A charging player.
WORST AGAINST: A sniper. Don't even THINK about it!

SHOTGUN: (Gnasher)
This is the definitive weapon presently used in GOW. It's overall
deadliness is unmatched compared to the other default weapons. This obviously
applies to any action up close, and shouldn't be used from and distance beyond
a few feet.
USES:It's one of the few weapons that can be successfully blindfired. You
should get into the habit of learning to roll and shoot with this gun. The
weapon of choice when you take cover right next to an enemy; you can kill
him instantly by pulling the left trigger and aiming down!
ADVANTAGE: Instant death when fired up close. Can dispose multiple
opponents at once when used correctly. Surprisingly large clip.
DISADVANTAGE: Very difficult to aim. Spotty use when online. I've
noticed an apparent glitch in where using 2 melee strikes is impossible with
this weapon; the 2nd attack passes through the opponent for no reason.

BEST AGAINST: A sniper, if you can close the gap. It's always your best bet
if you get in close; even if you don't like it right away, you should practice
the use of the shotgun in close range battles.
WORST AGAINST: Anyone far away. Don't use it from farther than a few feet!

PISTOL: (Snub Pistol)
A growing weapon in GOW, I've rewritten this gun to update several facts
on it. This sidearm is in fact one of the most powerful weapons that you start
with, at this point. The key here, like anything else, is accuracy. Besides
shooting an oppoonent from longer range, the main use for the pistol by
experienced players is "hip firing", and coming in for a melee strike for a
quick down of the opponent.
Although most all of the weapons have the exact same melee routine
(damage, range and speed), the pistol is quick and easy to hurt the player
on the way IN to hit the other guy, including a chainsawer.
USES: Clicking the right thumbstick when aiming zooms in the pistol a bit,
allowing precise aiming. The downing shot, if aimed at the skull, will blow
his head right off.
ADVANTAGE: Longest range default weapon. Most versatile weapon by far.
DISADVANTAGE: Difficult AR timing. Short ammo supply.

BEST AGAINST: Single opponents trying to outgun you with the lancer at
long range. It's priceless.
WORST AGAINST: This weapon is so versatile, it's hard to say. Just don't
mess up the active reload, or you're in trouble.

Leaving out the descriptions, you are allowed 1 smoke grenade each at the
beginning of each round. It's smoke is useful for creating a path around
snipers and distracting opponents. You can also "tag" an enemy with the B
button (melee), smoking them literally. That use is obviously for humorous
purposes only.

This is a very powerful weapon to acquire, because of it's "tag" quality.
Basically, running up to an opponent gives you the opportunity to melee him,
and get an instant kill. You are vulnerable to him getting next to you after
you tag him, and blowing yourself up. The key issue at hand is that if you
are down to 1 player on each team, and a tag/suicide is triggered, the
tagger's team will win the round! (This may and should change when the game
is updated.)
USES: Versatile weapon, limited to 2 on your person at once. Can be
"blindthrown", thrown, and tagged to opponents. Stuns enemies that are near
the blast range, allowing fast players to capitalize on their vulnerability.
ADVANTAGE: Perfect for flushing out enemies from hiding spots, and
causing massive mayhem in a firefight. Most matches have no friendly fire,
so you can simply toss them into a firefight without repercussions.
DISADVANTAGE: None that I can think of. It's something that you
should always have if you have the chance to pick it up.

BEST AGAINST: Multiple opponents. It's your best bet if your faced with
a 3-on-1 scenario. Guerrilla tactics are needed of course.
WORST AGAINST: Another tagger. You can't win in that scenario.

This is the starting weapon in single player.
I will summarize it as a longer range weapon than the lancer, and fires
6 round bursts. It IS in fact, slightly more powerful than the lancer, and
more accurate, but the time it takes in a round a acquire
it and put it to use far outweighs any advantage it might have over the
lancer, which I found few of when using it. AVOID IT!
USES: Assisting teammates, pecking enemies that are taking cover.
ADVANTAGE: Quick takedown on enemies that don't know how to roll out
of danger, or are stuck onto cover. It takes 2 full "rounds" (12 bullets)
to take down an enemy.
DISADVANTAGE: Active reloading this weapon poses little damage
increase. There are 8 better weapons than this, 3 of which you
begin the match with. I HATE THE HAMMERBURST.
NOTES: After extensive use of the hammerburst out of my unbiased
nature, I can happily report a decent response out of using the hammerburst.
While you may down an opponent rather quickly if you get him off guard, the
best (ONLY) use I found with the gun was in fact the melee range. Like using
the pistol at such range, you only pelt the guy with hip-fire, and smack him
once with the melee strike to down the opponent. I fully stand by, however,
the need to pursue each match with a more potent weapon than this thing!

BEST AGAINST: The lancer (if you're dead accurate)
WORST AGAINST: ANYTHING (you're not dead accurate)

MAGNUM: (Boltok Pistol)
A tricky weapon found in easier-to-acquire locations in the various maps,
the magnum replaces the pistol when picked up, like the frag replaces the
smoke grenades. When used online, it's trickiness increases.
USES: Just like the pistol, it's range is longer than most weapons. It's
very powerful when AR'ed, and should not be underestimated.
ADVANTAGE: Deadly when aimed at the head, but requires precise aim.
DISADVANTAGE: Spotty aiming online, and horrible at close range.

BEST AGAINST: A covered (yet exposed) player.
WORST AGAINST: A charging enemy.

1 of the 4 "power" weapons that are fought over on every map (that
have them), The longshot is extremely deadly in the correct hands. You
can instantly decapitate an enemy from across the map if your aim is steady!
USES: Sniping, naturally. When AR'ed, the single round you possess will
down an opponent with a shot to the upper body. This comes in handy when you
are getting charged, so get that timing down!
ADVANTAGE: Absolutely invaluable tool for assisting your teammates!
You can cancel a curb stomp on an ally by shooting the noggin of a cocky
enemy, totally turning their world upside-down.
DISADVANTAGE: SLOW reload time, with only 1 round at a time. Very
tricky to use at first, seemingly useless to a player that does not understand
the mechanics of sniping in GOW.

BEST AGAINST: A lancer, and anyone blindfiring.
WORST AGAINST: A charging enemy, if you panic and miss him. I suggest
switching to your shotgun!

Your standard RPG, the boomshot is very, very deadly in the right hands.
USES: Fires a arching projectile that explodes on impact, instantly killing
anyone who comes in contact with it. There are only 2 rounds, so aim well!
ADVANTAGE: Can kill 2, 3 and possibly 4 enemies at once. Hilarious
gib-flying ensues. Can kill people taking cover when used correctly.
DISADVANTAGE: Limited ammo, and tricky use in killing opponents.
The key is to hit the player directly. You can hit the ground and hurt them
with splash damage if you AR the remaining round, but to kill multiple players
you NEED to hit an enemy directly. Basically, you must hit a player dead-on
to create splash damage to kill other players.

BEST AGAINST: Unaware opponents. The perfect party crasher for a camped
out team.
WORST AGAINST: Anyone if you miss. You're completely vulnerable while you
switch to your other weapons.

The most original weapon in GOW's arsenal. The bow fires explosive arrows
and can kill multiple opponents if you're lucky. The weapon of choice for
wannabe snipers who can't aim well otherwise.
USES: Pulling the fire button pulls the bow back, either while aiming (L)
or running around, blindfiring, ect. You need to have a target at the end
when the bow eventually releases automatically, or you waste time and ammo.
You need to pull the bow back for about 2-3 seconds to penetrate the skin
of the enemy, killing them instantly. A short pull-and-release bounces the
arrow along the ground, creating a mini-grenade. Can create double kills.
ADVANTAGE: Quick, easy kills with steady aiming. Easier to use than
the longshot, and almost as far a range. Easiest AR timing of all the weapons.
DISADVANTAGE: Slow reload time, vulnerable when aiming on foot,
limited ammunition, and bad locations (usually).
NOTE: Despite what you may hear, the melee strike for this weapon is no
different than any other weapon; it takes 2 strikes to down an opponent.

BEST AGAINST: Concealed or blindfiring enemies, and awesome against
enemies who are unaware of your possession of it.
WORST AGAINST: A skilled sniper; do not attempt to duel a sniper if he
has a shot on you when you are covered, you will most likely lose that
battle. And do NOT blindfire this gun at the sniper, or prepare to die!

A laser targeting death machine, the hammer is flawless in it's use for
flushing out enemies from cover, and has other practical applications.
USES: Targeting an object, player or ground area that has a NOTHING
blocking the sky will trigger a short countdown. You need to keep it steady
on the target to trigger the hammer, so you shouldn't target an enemy directly
for fear of cancellation. When it does release, and a powerful laser beams
down from above, any opponent within 20 feet will be instantly killed or
stunned. You can then track along the ground and try to tag others with it's
death beam, but beware of it's difficult use.
ADVANTAGE: Splatters unaware enemies, and tags aware enemies if you're
skilled enough to aim ahead. The main initial blast is VERY powerful.
DISADVANTAGE: Long down time in-between hammer blasts makes it's
direct use difficult. It's best used as a support/suppress devise. An
important note: The melee strike with this particular weapon is nearly
useless; it takes at least 3 strikes to down an opponent with it.

BEST AGAINST: An enemy walking up to execute a teammate.
WORST AGAINST: A sniper, and anyone up close. Don't fry yourself!

02-20-07, 04:29 AM

The following are what it takes to "down" an opponent in GOW:
This has been tested by me personally, with a local gaming connection.
These firing tests were performed on a stationary enemy, so bear that
in mind when accounting their deadliness. This guide is intended to inform
you of what it takes to down a player, and what you should expect from the
opposition. ALWAYS factor in latency (lag) if playing online!

Another fact to consider is there is no difference on weather the player
is taking cover or not; the damage is no different.

Melee attacks: ALL attacks take 2 strikes, or 1 strike and 2 pistol shots.
(With exception to the Hammer Of Dawn, which is 3 strikes)

Pistol: 7 shots to the body, 6 to the head (6th=headshot)
Active reload: 6 to the body, 6 to the head

Lancer: 16-18 bullets approx to the body, 12 bullets to the head
Active reload: 14 bullets to the body.

Hammerburst: 12 bullets to the body, 7 to the head (roughly 2 full rounds)
Active reload: Approx 11 bullets! (No major difference)

Shotgun: Variable, but aiming at the head can create a headshot
Active reload: Variable, but noticeable increase in damage.

Longshot: 3 consecutive shots in a row (normal), 1 shot to the head
Active reload: 1 Shot to the feet legs or knees is equal to a melee
strike. 1 shot to the torso, chest or arms is a down.

Magnum/Boltok: 3 shots to the body, 2 shots to the head (2nd=headshot)
Active reload: 2 shots to the body, 2 shots to the head (2nd=headshot)

Boomshot: Direct hit only! (near miss is about 90% done-for)
Active reload: No difference (except possible splash damage)

Torque bow: A "dropped" or direct shot DIRECTLY underneath a player causes
about 1 melee strikes worth of damage.
Active reload: Same spot causes death. (This is INCREDIBLY UNLIKELY by
itself, but a damaged enemy from a team mate can allow splash killing )

Hammer Of Dawn: Direct shot of beam within 3 players' length is instant
death. "Dragged" beam is weak on it's own (about 3 direct seconds of 'hit'
time to kill on a fresh player)

NOT ARGUE THIS ANY MORE. Test this for yourself on a stationary opponent to
see that the timing is no different for any weapon.

These are slightly easier (as you might have guessed) to tag with.

02-20-07, 04:30 AM

Most maps in GOW's multiplayer are symmetrical, with weapons stored in
strategic locations that force firefights over them. Listed are the basic
strategies for cooperating with your teammates in achieving your most basic
goal: To destroy the opposition.

The important point I need to make about these map descriptions is that you
need to experience these maps for yourself to really get them down; I will not
go into grim detail about these maps because through text you will learn
nothing about the intricacies of this game, and merely become confused.
Also note, that if you are in a player match and find that the weapons are
not in the provided locations, it may be because the WEAPON SWAP is in effect.
The host may change or remove any weapon spot in unranked games. This a good
reason to memorize every spot on every map.

Map name: GRIDLOCK

This map is the most frequently played, and often the most liked, for it's
sheer simplicity. Of all the maps in GOW, you will be flanked the least.
Basically, you start on each end, and charge the longshot, frag or boomer.
All three of these are lined up within the center of the map; the longshot is
the most fought over, located at the top of the stairs. the frag grenades,
which are located in the direct center of the map, in-between a bunch of cars
on the ground, are also a necessity to your team. Further along the center,
underneath a small archway, lies the boomshot. It's offset to the longshot
makes it tricky to gamble a possible sniper attack.
Also on this map, are 2 "towers" that are basically shelters and/or sniper
covens. There are no weapons here. Rounding the corner in this area, there is
a small balcony that overlooks the boomshot, and the hammerburst is there, if
you insist upon it.


This map is more intricate than most maps, with varying levels, cover
spots, and weapon placement. Communication and teamwork are paramount on this
map, even more than usual!
As you turn either corner at the start of this map, which also hides the
magnum, you come to a large parking area with a series of vehicles in the
center. Turning to the nearby stairs takes you up to the top of the map, with
2 paths leading up to the top courtyard. At the very top of this map you will
find the longshot. Within this area you can snipe anyone below, at the
possible price of a surprise flank from either side.
Within the parking area, turning into the dark end, over a guardrail,
hides a pair of grenades. It's difficult to reach without exposing yourself.
Turning the opposite way, over a different guardrail, harbors a boomshot
on the far end. Beware: you are vulnerable from almost every direction when
you reach it!

Map name: CANALS
Weapons on this map: LONGSHOT (2), TORQUE BOW, FRAGS, MAGNUM

This map is another popular one. Starting out, you round a corner and
attempt to either charge a nearby longshot, or the torque bow located at
the very center of the map, underneath the center bridge. Above it lies
the grenades. Along the side of the center bridge hides a magnum (boltok).
There are 3 bridges running across the map, with a high and low section
connecting each of them. The longshots are located on each spawn's bridge.
Although there is generally a power struggle over the torque bow, to
get to it involves extreme vulnerability from the other side. A skilled
sniper can decapitate you as you retrieve it, so use caution. Speaking of
which, along the "upper" path along the side of the map is a squared area
with no level changes; making it a deadly sniper arena.

Map name: FUEL DEPOT

A wide open map, the fuel depot consists of a helipad and a warehouse to
each side along the center of the map. One team starts in a barrack, and
the other starts outside near a gas station. Each end houses a trailer
to either the left (barrack side), or on the right (other side). Each of
these trailers hides the longshot.
In the gas station between the gas pumps, and within the fuel depot on the
opposite side, hide the frag grenades.
Next to these areas that house the frags lies a stairway connecting to the
helipad, which house no weapons, but serve as the highest point to use the
longshot or hammer.
The hammer is located in a vulnerable spot, the center of the warehouse
The garage is across the helipad, and is accessed from the front and each
teams side. This area is very tricky to navigate safely, as there is a lot
of cover to sneak around in. By each side entrance to the warehouse holds a
spot for the hammerburst if you want to alert the other team of your presence.
There are a multitude of strategies with this map, and a lot of hiding
places, if need be.


Weapons on this map: LONGSHOT (2), FRAGs (4), HAMMERBURST (2), MAGNUM

This is a unsymmetrical map. The objective is more or less an assault
on the above team, switching from round to round, naturally.
Starting at the bottom area, you can grab grenades right next to where
you spawn. Running along a walkway along either side houses a longshot and
another set of grenades, at the base of the stairs.
Each side you ascend crosses over to the other side, and has multiple
staircases to ascend. on the 3rd level, a set of frags lies at the center.
Starting at the top of this map, you need to run down quickly, to grab a
magnum if you wish. A small area in this spawn holds a hammerburst.
Dropping down to the next level also has the hammerburst, which might come in
handy, although using it here poses a major target to the snipers below.
Most of the action takes place at the 3rd level, with some strategic
exceptions. One strategy that should be avoided if you spawn
at the top is to camp there; your lack of weapons will leave you at a huge
disadvantage. In fact, at all times, the top team has a disadvantage in terms
of firepower, but has an obvious height advantage.
Grenade tagging is a very huge issue on this map; your team MUST cooperate
to take the grenade taggers down, because they can be up to 4 of them coming
from the bottom of the map!


Weapons on this map: TORQUE BOW (2), MAGNUM (2), HAMMER OF DAWN, FRAGS

This map has a series of trains coming through every 20 seconds or so
through the center of the map. The objective weapon is of course the hammer
of dawn, located on the tracks. Don't get hit by the train, stupid.
Each spawn starts mid-level, in a storage area. Your team has the choice
to go down a set of stairs to a parking garage. Here you will find a set of
frags, and a pathway to the opposite end of the map. You can also head up a
narrow stairwell leading directly onto the train tracks, right next to the
hammer of dawn.
If you do not go to the garage at the start of the map, you can head in
a straight line, and curve up to the train tracks once more. There is a
magnum behind the dumpster on the far left of this area. Running along
the cover of the tracks provided, you will lead up to your side's torque bow.
You obviously need to watch out for the other team's bow user when rushing
this weapon.
When you are in this small walkway next to the bow, you have a clear view
of your side's spawn and stairway area; the hammer of dawn can be put to good
use here, if you have adequate protection.

Map name: MANSION


The mansion is one of the simplest maps in GOW, and the smallest. You
begin outside the mansion, with a clear option of pathways leading into the
building, or around the front. Going into the map, you have the fork leading
up the stars, or through to the main room. Both paths lead to the same room,
but on different levels, natch.
Going up top has a good view of the people underneath and above, but has
only pillars for cover. Going low has a bit of cover, but no shot on people
above. The advantage of being on the bottom is an excellent flank opportunity
via the main stairs leading to the top-center of the main room. This spot has
two couches, and a longshot in between them. This sniper area is a good spot
to camp out if your team is experienced enough.
Now, if you take the outside route, rounding the first corner brings you to
the hammerburst, which is somewhat useful on this map.
Your options are limited to 3 pathways once you round the main hedge:
Left, right or straight ahead. The furthest path (from the mansion) off has
the coveted boomshot, and the sidewalk going up to the mansion holds the frag
grenades, directly in front of the doorway.
This doorway is in direct line with the main room, and the sniper sitting
at the top balcony, so watch out when you grab the frags.


Weapons on this map: TROIKIA, FRAGS (2), TORQUE BOW, LONGSHOT

Running down the spawn stairwell, your choice of direction on this wide
open map is referred to as "torque" side, and "sniper/longshot" side. The
"sniper" side is reached immediately around the corner, with sandbag cover
laying everywhere. In the center spot between this hot zone lies the sniper.
Going the opposite way to the "torque" side has a longer path, leading
directly to an open spot with frags laying on the ground. Turning to the
opposite side from you at this location, you will spot the torque bow.
The torque bow is in the absolute open, with the possibilities of flanks,
grenades, trokia and even the longshot to hinder your acquisition of it.
Running up the stairway by the frags leads up to the troikia zone. This is
a safe haven for players when the other team is winning, as it provides the
most cover. There is an outside walkway, and the trokia in the center.
I say this, until someone proves me wrong: DO NOT USE THE TROKIA, YOU WILL
DIE, DON'T USE IT, DO NOT BOTHER. I've seen 1 kill on the trokia for every 15
deaths on it, and so will you. Use it for fun only!

Map name: ROOFTOPS

Weapons on this map: HAMMER OF DAWN (2), LONGSHOT (2), FRAGS (2),

This map is a bit more intense than the others, due to it's tight,
confined spaces, difficult cover techniques, and bizzare strategies. It's
the Pulp Fiction of GOW maps; you either love it or hate it.
Rounding the first series of corners, you come across a small hut. Laying
in here is your hammer of dawn. Continuing on the path, running straght ahead,
you can grab the longshot as well. In this tight area, you need to master a
quick ascension to the rooftop itself; you do not want to have your fight in
this area.
Reaching the flat area by either climbing or taking the stairs, you can
take cover along the walls lining the roof; the magnum is here.
if you take an immediate right and head to the far end of this area, you will
find a tricky set of frags.
Continuing the other way in this area, you can take refuge in your side's
"garage". From here you can snipe, frag and use the hammer, with some cover.
Do not think you are too hard to hit in that area though, and notice you can't
leave it unless you backtrack.
On the rooftop, you can ascend towards the torque bow. There is a main
battleground here, consisting of 2 covered walls, and a clear shot at the bow.
Take an important note here: Under the cover of this wall, the hammer of dawn
cannot harm you (at least the beam).
Climbing this ledge to the bow is a risky, but necessary affair if you are
the aggressor. A smoke grenade can give you a decent chance of living if you
rush the bow. Be aware; the "garage" for each spawn has a direct shot at your
feet when you are on this area!


Weapons on this map: LONGSHOT, MAGNUM (2), TORQUE BOW, BOOMSHOT, FRAGS (2)

This map is essentially a giant circle with a path cutting across it on
the upper level. You start out in your spawn with 2 directions, left or right.
Going in one direction (depending on what side) takes you through a pathway
that leads to a passage to the graveyard. There are 2 graveyards, both of
which are across one another.
One end, with a circular monument, holds the torque bow. The other end,
with a staircase sitting in front of a statue, holds the longshot.
Coming back to your spawn, the basic thing to remember is this: When you
round the first corner, and before you head down the next hallway, notice the
weapon on the ground. If it is the magnum, you are heading toward the torque
side. If you spot the frags, you are heading toward the longshot. Both sides
that you alternate per round obey this rule, so you won't get confused if you
remember this.
Both sides have a larger staircase leading into the mausoleum itself,
which is basically a narrow pathway leading to the very center of the map;
this spot is where you find the boomshot. From this center, you can be snipe,
and be sniped, with either the bow or longshot. Or blown up.
This map has a LOT of cover in it, and can hinder your advance/retreat if
you are not careful.

02-20-07, 04:31 AM

Here I explain some of the little things that might be of irritation, and what
you can do to relieve the situation. I in do way condone any negative action
therein, and if you do it to me, expect negative feedback!

Latency: Latency, ping, delay and lag are mostly the same thing. Latency is
the time sending your information about what you are doing on your X Box,
getting it to the host, and him sending it back to you for you to continue.
Your archaic means of calculating this time is by firing your weapon and
counting how long it takes for the bullet to land. A good time is almost
instant, and a bad time is anything close to a full second. The only way to
combat this plague is to simply aim ahead of the enemy. If you are lagging
really bad, my best advice is to assist your teammates from a distance, using
the lancer. Below this section is a breakdown of the details.

Achievements: Most of the online achievements are self-explanatory.
There are some details that many people find confusing, or are misinformed:
1-The headshot achievement can be racked up with the shotgun, pistol, magnum,
and longshot. These are performed on standing (not downed) players;
This earns a headshot kill and also a kill toward the weapon's achievement.
2-In EXECUTION you MUST score a headshot when the opponent is standing up.
ANY weapon kill on any mode from melee range on a downed opponent
counts as an execution. This includes chainsawing the downed person.
3-All executions count toward an execution, regardless of the weapon, and
does not count toward that weapon's achievement. The curb stomp (X button)
goes towards both achievements (curb stomp and execution).
4-If you are to chainsaw a downed opponent that begins to stand up, you
will get a chainsaw kill instead. Be careful if you do this, your rolling
the Fate Dice on that one.

Jumping down ledges: This sucks, and requires your attention when in
battle. You cannot slide down short ledges unless you are basically at 90
degree angles to it (facing it directly, perfectly sideways when rolling).
If you are trying to roll out of danger next to a ledge, you need to get
the angle right. Something to consider practicing.

Host advantage: Make absolutely no mistake, the host is your nearby God if
you join a session. Take a personal note if you haven't by hosting one of
your own to notice the deadliness of the shotgun and other weapons due to a
total lack of latency. Most hosts will use the shotgun during matches to
their advantage, so you merely need to be aware of his location/looks, and
adjust your strategy. Whatever you do, don't go toe to toe unless you're THAT
much better than him/her.
The host sees you shooting the shotgun about half a second after you've
pressed the fire button. You see the host fire his/her shotgun about half a
(In other words, think of it as too late to see it coming.)
This fact realizes that you need to be faster than the host, and use team
work to bring him/her down if they are as good as you. The advantage of aiming
and speed is far too great in this game to overcome the odds otherwise.

Chainsaw glitches: Expect many glitches with chainsaw kills. The most
noticeable is the "invulnerable" chain sawer. Simply put, get behind a player
cutting up a teammate, wait until he's DONE, and pop him with a shotgun round.
Problem solved there. Do NOT: Grenade tag, boomshoot or snipe him during the
animation, or it's YOUR problem, not the game's. You've been warned. DO:
fill him with lead with the lancer/pistol, shotgun or other similar weapon to
hurt him during the animation, and down him after he's done carving up your
lame teammate. Possibly do: Chainsaw him during the animation, but beware of
how vulnerable you are while doing it. Be smart: Think ahead.

Another glitch which completely sucks is the "Paralysis" glitch, in where
you simply cannot move after you chainsaw a fool. You can't move or shoot
until you are hurt, and you are usually sniped. Sucks to be you! I'm not sure
what triggers this glitch, but any E-mails with help on this would be great.

A funny but really confusing glitch is when a teammate chainsaws an enemy,
and the chain sawer does the wiggly animation while the enemy explodes. Don't
worry when this happens: He'll be fine.

FOxx says: "-The wiggly-animation for chainsawing seems to be caused
whenever there's a bit of lag and the victim player activates their chainsaw
as they're about to be chainsawed. Thus the attacker gets the signal they're
going to be chainsawed but the host system knows better...of course, you're
already into the animation by then."

Chainsaw defense: As mentioned earlier (and FOXX mentioned I should cover
this) under the lancer coverage, I loosely explained the vulnerability of
attempting to use the lancer's chainsaw to slaughter your opponent. If you
are getting cut up repeatedly, take these notes:
1- Getting shot with anything lowers the bayonet, leaving you open. If you
see a guy coming at you, revving away, shoot the dude. A lot. Don't melee him
2- You can chainsaw a tagger, but you both will die, most likely.
3- And I will mention this again: You are VULNERABLE when you use it! Don't
overdo this weapon like I see every time I play, I personally make mincemeat
out of players that go for chainsaw kills! (It makes an excellent execution)
4- As usual, the host has an advantage when using the chainsaw. Remember the
fact that if you see him in front of you, he's actually a step closer than you
see him! (In basic terms, increase your distance.)

Chainsaw vs. Chainsaw: If you were wondering who wins when 2 people
go head-to-head with chainsaws revving, it APPEARS to be completely random.
I personally thought that whoever revved their chainsaw first would win, but
play testing this proves it to be untrue. The fact is, that attempting it
repeatedly on idle players results in a coin toss! After recieving a dozen or
so E-mails on the issue, it seems evident that a so-called "angle and other
factors" fall into play; that is, according to one of the main developers of
the game.
My main problem with factoring in "angles" is that I tried to chainsaw a
subject while he was standing at a 40 degree angle off of my view, and HE got
the chainsaw kill; trying this 5 different times with the same angle showed
different results. MY OPINION: Random!

Melee strikes: I have received a ton of emails claiming that the pistol, or
shotgun, or whatever weapon is "better" to melee with. THIS IS NOT TRUE!
There is no distinctive timing between any weapon in terms of the speed in
which you can hit them twice and downing them. When you execute the attack,
it is "triggered", and you will get the hit off, even if he moves farther
away. All that matters is that you were in range when you hit "B".
Also realize, that moving into a player while in the brief melee animation
also causes a hit, so hitting the "B" button while both players are moving in
is a must. You can be very surprised how far away you can hit an opponent.
The timing in a "melee match" is almost impossible to judge with latency
involved. You MUST account for the other person's latency when figuring
in why he downed you when you THOUGHT you hit him first. Remember: The host
is LITERALLY a step ahead of where you see him on screen!
The reason everyone good uses the pistol to down you is because of it's
ease of use with the attack. You only need to shoot them TWICE, anywhere on
the body, and slap them once, or vice versa, to down him!
As stated in several spots on this guide, there is ABSOLUTELY no difference
in melee damage between all of the weapons, except the hammer of dawn.
Another thing you need to know, is that you only need to be less than a
60 degree angle towards your opponent to execute a melee attack. The game
auto-aims the attack from there.

NEGATIVE TECHNIQUE: In Execution mode, expect a lame team to repeatedly
down a remaining teammate with melee strikes, racking up "down" points. This
usually happens with a game setup of 5 second-revives. If there are more than
2 players doing this, do not bother tapping "A" to get up; you're only giving
the cheaters more points. Go get a sandwich.
Yes, I said CHEATERS. The game was not meant in the least to be played
that way, so **** off if you think otherwise. Leave feedback on any player(s)
that abuse this loophole. Leave emails at the_gamer_lives@yahoo.com if you
wanna flame me, so I can locate you, drive to your house and slap you in the
face for even arguing with me. Back to the game:

Grenade tag glitch: Similar to the chainsaw glitch, if a player is downed
AFTER he is tagged, the player won't die from the attack. Simply put, don't
down an enemy that is tagged, because he's dead anyway!

Game startup glitch: This one sucks too. If in the pregame lobby
during startup, you have the timer stick to 5, you need to quit the game.
Ask the host to leave the game via X Box dashboard so the other players
may be booted to the main menu.
It is said that "forcing" players to ready up in the startup screen is the
main cause for this glitch, although it's not proven. A more plausable cause
is a player quitting the room when the host presses "start", which is more
or less the same cause anyhow. If you are hosting, be patient!

Quitting: Although annoying and unfair most of the time, and despite
what you may hear, quitting in a ranked match poses NO penalty to your
OVERALL score. You will not gain any points that were earned within the
match however. And you WILL get some well-deserved negative feedback.

Latency, Lag and hosting

Covering every fact about your favorite excuse when you win.

The following is an excript from a UK resident that posted on Bungie.net a
thorough explanation on latency. I urge you to visit this forum
page and read the entire page, as you will be enlightened. This pertains to
the other masterpiece known as Halo 2, but the answers are basically the same,
as both game's netcode are similar.

(If this link no longer works, please E-Mail me so I can reverse this)

What's the difference between Lag and Latency?
Latency is the delay between information being sent and arriving at it's
destination. Lag is caused by poor connectivity due to packetloss, which in
turn is caused by many factors.

What causes Lag?
To put it mildly, lag, or packetloss, is caused by many things. Network
problems anywhere along the lines at both ends (in a consumer's home, with
their phone line, ISP, internet backbones, DNS servers, etc). Excess traffic.
Routing problems. A huge variety of things, and they can all affect
dedicated servers too.
Increased latency does increase the chances of lag, as there is more
potential for packetloss, but the two are not synonymous.

What causes Latency?
The biggest factor is the physical distance a packet has to travel. As the
fastest speed information can travel is limited to the speed of light, clearly
larger distances will result in larger degrees of latency. Other things can
affect it too, such as how quickly your connection taps into the main internet
backbone, or certain services on phone lines, though these tend to be less of
a factor.

How Does Halo 2's Model Work?

Halo 2 uses a distributed networking model, where 1 xbox hosts the game,
and all the other xboxes in that game are clients. This requires a little more
bandwidth from the xbox hosting the game than if it were connected to a
dedicated server.
The host authorities all aspects of the game (notably, the creation and
destruction of objects, as well as damage inflicted), is constantly overruling
other player's versions of the game.

What causes Host Advantage?

Host advantage is a direct result of latency, and how Halo 2's netcode
handles it. Halo 2 uses a system where only the host decides what's going on,
by processing all the information coming in, to try and make a consistent
version of the world. In general, with small degrees of latency, it works
reasonably well. The problem is when latency is severe, or the situation is
extremely latency sensitive (such as shooting through a narrow gap), which
leads to conflicting versions.
When you play the game, and take any action, that gets sent to the host,
who then authorities or rejects it based on whether it was possible from the
host's perspective, and factoring in error tolerances. For instance it's
"I think I just hit that guy in the head", "You did; here's a kill".
So if something couldn't happen on the host's xbox, that information is
rejected, even if it legitimately happened on your xbox. Now when the host
shoots someone, they are exactly where they appear to be, and so the shot
always counts. This is why hosts have an advantage; everything is what it
appears to be, and things take effect instantly.
There is a margin for error however, when aiming, which varies. Sniping off
host (client side sniping) has the largest degree of trust, but it's not
foolproof, so it can still miss. Autoaim and magnetism also contribute towards
this somewhat, but it's not a perfect solution.

(Editor's note: This is a very important point on why you see yourself nailing
a guy with a shotgun blast to his face, and the host blows your brains out
instead. He shot you first, but you don't see that until after your dead.)

(Another note: to verify how this works, simply watch a non-host play in
spectator mode. Notice how off his aim is? It's because on HIS screen, he's
aiming directly on HIS on-screen enemy! But after the host corrects his aim
and location, the poor guy's shot lands a foot off target. Your viewpoint
in spectator mode is a result of viewing the ACTUAL gameplay that's occurring,
and therefore is accurate, and usually choppy. Some online games are played
in this fashon and have no issues like the ones above, but are not very fun
to play, because the controls suck. DOOM on 360's arcade is a perfect example
of "shared" latency.)

Tips And Techniques:

The following are some pointers, which are updated with the times.

Boomshot technique: Hit the guy, head on. End of story.

Torque bow techniques: Nobody I play with realizes this fact, clearly
visible on the loading screen: Even if you directly hit a player with the
torque arrow, it won't kill him if you don't have that bow pulled back far
enough (about 3 seconds).
Another trick is to blindcharge the bow by holding "R" when under cover,
and then holding "L" to pop out for a shot. This reduces the chance of getting
shot by another bow user as well. DO NOT DO THIS TOWARD AN ACTIVE LONGSHOT
USER, or you will die. (Most blindfiring exposes your head for an easy shot!)
You may also attempt to blindfire this weapon, which is surprisingly
accurate compared to most weapons. Try this on tyro station where a bow user
is standing up, with his bow locked on your position. The blind charge won't
expose you to another bow user. 1 out of 10 shots might hit the target!
Finally, using the splash damage effect of this can help flush out a
stubborn player. Notice that a flaccid shot lobs an arrow to it's location,
bouncing all over. An active reload of the arrow doubles the splash damage.

Sniping techniques: No one who I asked gave me any hints with the longshot,
probably because he didn't want me to know this very important point:
If you are missing people's heads left and right, odds are you are trying
to aim and shoot at the same time, ala Halo 2. You MUST be standing still
when firing, or you are merely playing the lottery, hoping for a head shot.
Also, if you are attempting to shoot a player that is under cover, make
sure the reticule is red (in fact, ALWAYS make sure it's red). If you are on
level ground, chances are the cover "protects" the player from damage. Some
pieces of cover do not give this protection, however.

Shotgun facts: Fact #1: If you are in technical range to strike a player,
the shot WILL kill the player instantly.
#2: The active reload for this gun is particularly deadly compared to the
other weapons. It's range increases almost double in terms of damage.
#3: The MID section is the deadliest spot to shoot the player, not the
knees, as many players attempt. This habit may catch people rolling into you,
however, so try both techniques.
#4: If you are close enough to hurt the player with the shotgun, then the
possibility of a headshot is there. You DON'T need to be close for a
head shot! Aiming toward the head when downing a player increases this chance.

Shotgunners: My recent exploits into GOW have revealed a newer aspect
of fighting up close; using the hip-shot-pistol-whip technique. As explained
above, firing from the hip (not aiming with the "L" trigger) and scoring a
mere couple of hits, and pistol whipping the opponent causes a lightning-fast
down. This is a great technique against player that is a sloppy aim and is not
very aware of the deadliness of the pistol. If you hit a player who is holding
a shotgun, your best bet is to ROLL back, and fire a few shots to down the
stunned player. Sometimes the stunned player can squeeze off a shotgun round
when you attempt a "double" melee strike, killing you instantly.

1-on-1: My personal favorite scenario is when all the other teammates and
opposing players are dead, and only 2 remain. The most important aspect to
remember is that you need to fight YOUR fight, not the opponents. If you know
for a fact he's an expert sniper, throw a frag or smoke grenade in his
direction and make a move; don't try to outsnipe him. Make use of the roll-
and-run technique if you are getting out gunned, run away, and recover. If
you are trying to snipe a player who is gaining ground on you, run away while
active reloading, and quickly turn around to get a shot in. Repeat until you
are out of options.

FrozenFOXX Tip: If you use cover, even in a bunny-hopping-like sense, you
can move MUCH faster than someone without it. This is just because of the
speed of the animations and was designed this way. Fast players use cover,
even if only as stepping stones for speed, and happen to get out of firing
lines as a result.
Tip #2: -The hammerburst isn't completely worthless, but it requires a
steady aim. In about a half a clip I can down an opponent, especially if
there's headshots involved without AR ammo. The the Lancer it takes about
three quarters of a clip. If you're looking to actually take people down
at range instead of weakening them it's definitely a solid choice and
absolutely tops for long range support fire (since most people are complete
crap with the Longshot, including myself).

(I stand by my initial viewpoint, however, that the time getting this gun
simply isn't worth the benefits. In some scenarios it's o.k. to use, but
you will also give away your location by grabbing it. - Trevelyan)


Q & A

Here are some E-Mails (made anonymous) for your information and/or enjoyment.

Q: (E-mail recieved 3 weeks ago)
I would just like to point out that all the weapons do NOT have the same
melee damage. The Gnasher (Shotgun) deals more damage than the rest. While
most weapons deal 120% melee damage the Shotgun deals about 180%. This is very
important to know because it further increases the value of the Shotgun
at close range.

180% is a lot of damage, considering it's impossible. I'm sure the person
meant to imply 70%, but it's still amusing; and still incorrect.
GOW online is on the internet, and you know what happens with facts on the
internet. They disappear with crap like "the bow deals more damage!". I also
believed these things, but never truly trust them. Never, ever trust anyone,
ever, about anything on the internet, except me. (Just kidding!)
On that note, I guarantee there are errors in this FAQ about facts that I
unveiled, but they are much, MUCH closer to the truth than some guy you end
up in a match against. I don't base any of this FAQ based on someones opinion,
only fact.

In the fuel depot map overiew there is a mistake because there is a Torque
Bow on this map also at the back of the garage near the stairs which lead
into it.

This person already corrected this E-mail, and is accurate in my mistake
(now corrected) of not including the hammerburst in that location. Remember
that in player matches, you can swap any weapon with any other weapon, or
eliminate them altogether. If you are trying to get good at this game, I urge
you to play on hosts that have Weapon Swap set to OFF. (Unless you want to
practice a paticular weapon that is all over the map!)

Q: (Well written E-Mail making me eat my own words)
I must say, for a first time FAW you've done very nicely; however i noticed
you gave little love to the "Alien Repeater." This weapon is actually known
as the "Hammerburst." While I do agree that it takes time to aquire it versus
the Lancer can be seen as not worth it, but in the hands of a pro it's just
as, if not more, deadly than the Lancer. For starters it actually, not trying
to splot hairs, fires a six round burst, not a three-round as you stated.
Now, in comparison to the Lancer this weapon actually does more damage per
bullet than the Lancer; is more accurate, and more than anything else does
NOT have the chainsaw attachment.
While in some scenarios this would be a bad thing, it's better for it to not
have the attachment. More often than not, you are sometimes rushed by an
enemy who has a shotgun or some other weapon that can fire on you faster
than you can pull out the chainsaw (i.e. you get the chainsaw up, but, because
you got shot, get stunned) This is where it's ability to melee and smack the
enemy comes in as it briefly stuns the opponent giving you leeway for another

This, along with about 20 other E-mails, is a testament to my earlier rant
on not trusting people's information while playing GOW online. For one thing,
I've heard the hammerburst called the "repeater" about a dozen times in the
past, and lacking a manual for this game, didn't know better. See what I mean?
After getting my ass handed to me electronically for my clear hatred for
the hammerburst, incorrect weapon locations/names, and other tidbits, I've
completely changed my style of updating this FAQ; I don't trust a single word
about what people say "is the way it's done!". Simply put, I've used the
hammerburst non-stop for about 2 hours, and finally agreed on the above
person's point of view.
Now for my final opinion on the hammerburst:

The hammerburst, lancer, longshot, bow and hammer of dawn all require the
player to stand still for a period of time to be really effective. When you
stand still (or slowly move in "L" aiming mode) you expose yourself to a wide
variety of danger. Now, consider the fact that only 2 of those weapons lack
the ability to instantly kill, or even down the other player; which narrows
this down to the lancer and hammerburst.
One weapon you start with, one you need to pick up. Picking up the hammer-
-burst reveals your location to the opposite team, possibly ruining a flank.
One IS deadlier than the other, but still requires standing still, and an
excellent aim to down the opponent; hitting a moving target (especially when
rolling) is very difficult.
Thinking on times in which I told myself: "Hey, this gun downs the guy
REALLY FAST!" pertains to times in which the enemy was unaware of my presence;
in retrospect, would have using the lancer harvested different results in this
case?? My opinion is, no. In times where I melee'd the guy with the weapon and
shot him, downing him instantly, I think: "Would this have been differrent if
I had the pistol ready instead?"
Again, the answer is no. CQC is no different with any weapon in terms of
damage, and being this close to a guy defeats the purpose of having this gun
to begin with. So in reality, this gun is better than the lancer, but not
THAT MUCH BETTER. So what tips the tide for me?
The fact that A: You give away your location by picking it up, and B: most
of the time, you need to help your teammates else wise. Play gridlock once,
and head right for the hammerburst. Your team will be dead by the time you can
provide support fire!
The only time I routinely use it at this point is on Mansion, when all of
my teammates head outside, and the other weapons are 'dibbed. Support fire in
this situation is of great help. Certain other situations call for it, but
that all comes down to your style as well.


Thanks for reading this far, and like I said at the top, this is my first
FAQ. I would appreciate the flaming mails to be minimal, but any suggestions
or comments, corrections ect. Would be awesome.

Patrick Connors
Trevelyan2 (Gamertag)


Gears Of War
In-Depth Multiplayer Guide
V 1.5

Copyright 2006 by Patrick Connors. Any portion used in any
other guide may be used only by my permission, although is otherwise
Welcome. I don't like people plagiarizing my work; just give me credit
for my long nights of frustration getting worked by online gamers!

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Sry to hear uncle but we are going to play...:thumb:

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