View Full Version : Netscape 6.0 PR3

10-06-00, 11:06 PM
Guys PR3 is out and it is great so far. I haven't run into any hang-ups like I did with PR2 and it's much cleaner....Let me know what you think.

10-06-00, 11:15 PM
Guys sorry about the double post don't know how that happened.

10-07-00, 11:46 PM
I am running the Linux version. The font support is FAR superior to earlier Netscape versions (it looks as good or better than MS IE now!). However, It does not import any plug-in settings from earlier Netscape versions. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif This really sucks in Linux because if you cannot run Plugger (I have tried for hours to get it to work) you can't to alot of things on the net.

Oh well, maybe with the final release....


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