View Full Version : How do you install sound drivers on Win NT 4.0 Wrkstatn?

10-06-00, 08:48 PM
I dont know how to install Sound drivers from a cd onto Win NT workstation 4.0, Your help is appreciated!

10-06-00, 11:58 PM
i have done this before but it was a long time ago.....and plus i dont have NT4 up and running so this goes from memory....

click start settings control panel..then click multimedia...the you go to the last tab on the top..not sure what it is...then click on audio devices...then you have to add from disk....then point to the cd rom and the drivers....not sure if this will help or mess you up...sorry if it does not help...like i said..dont have NT4 up and running....using 2000 server.....