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10-05-00, 10:57 PM
How to remove them in IE:
This method will delete the index.dat files in the caches-they get recreated when windows starts, but are brand new!

this is in response to this thread:

Clear your Temporary Internet Files, History, and Cookies as follows:
Start | Shutdown | Restart in MS-DOS mode

In the following lines, ignore all quotation marks.

At the command prompt, type in:

"smartdrv" and press "enter" (note that you will not really see anything happen. Just a return to the command prompt.

"deltree C:\Windows\tempor~1" then press "enter" and answer "Y"


Type in "deltree C:\windows\history" then press "enter" and answer "Y"


Type in "deltree C:\windows\cookies" then press "enter" and answer "Y"

When done, re-boot using CTRL-ALT-DEL.

10-10-00, 01:39 PM
deltree /y xxxxxxx bypasses the [y/n] question.