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10-04-00, 07:00 PM
good evening to all. questions

i have win98se, os, and use netscape 4.5 browser (which i like) i have pent. 111 , 500mhz and 128 ram.

question one the min. max. cache settings. what do you recommend?
i have been using min. 2000 max 5000

question 2 i had been using a freebie called Cache Killer Pro 11, to look after the cache.

i lost it all and can no longer get the cache killer, the sites there , but no downloads, or at zdnet either?

a, is that a good idea, using a cache killer, and if so anyone got an alternative to what i was using?

b, if not the best plan, is the standard setup the way to go ,or other suggestions i might try.
i surf the net a fair bit and need current updates.

appreciate any and all help

thanks a lot
regards minir

10-04-00, 07:13 PM
Min and Max should be set at 256 on a 128 setting. Keep both of them at the same setting to prevent resizing of the cache, it just slows things down.

Use Cacheman to optimize your Cache Settings:


It's a good idea to use one of these proggies. They make it dummy proof, not that you're one of course.

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10-04-00, 07:40 PM
hi Prey, thanks for the response. your suggestion is of course a valid one. which i use. that covers the swap files.

on navigator however if you go into Edit, preferences,hit the + on advanced and hit cache, you will see the other one for mem and disc cache. these i believe are used for faster surfing, by storing previous sites. this is the one were i was using the cache killer, to keep it low and current.

any other thoughts on this you might have, much appreciated. and good luck on the job interview forthcoming
as always a pleasure
regards minir

10-05-00, 12:56 PM
Goodday, minir
Netscape use's a catch to keep all those gif's jpgs, ect ect stored for a set amount of disc space.(What ever you would like it set at in the properties you described.)
All its for is to speed up page loading at sites you visit quite often. Your browser will check to see if the gif is loaded in your browser cache. IE also has the same feature.
If your using a cable modem or dsl, the page will load pretty fast anyway. I set mine fairly low so that if I hit the back button it gets loaded fairly quick and I don't waste a lot of disc space for my cache.

If your still on an anolog phone modem, you may want to set it a little higher, depending on how much disc space you want to use for your cache.
Hope this helps. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

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10-05-00, 02:26 PM
HI ya downhill i appreciate the explaination and the help. unfortunately i'm country folk and tied to the 56k on the old bell lines to make matters even worse. any thoughts on that specifically. would say 2000/4000 be too small.
i don't like to waste the resources, and i do like to have the latest info while surfing.
if you have the time i'd sure appreciate further input
hope your having a great day

10-05-00, 04:40 PM
Actually the default values should suffice.
1024 KBytes of memory cache is ok.
7680 KBytes of disc cache should be ok to.
Check the Document in cache is compared to document on network .............
once per session.
All these are default settings.
Now if you like, you can erase your cache, after your done surfin for the eveining. This will keep your puter from have to do it when the cache is full later. You really shouldn't need a proggie to erase the cache unless you want to keep prying eyes from trying to find out what your surfin' habits are. Hope this helps! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

10-05-00, 09:46 PM
thanks downhill. i guess i read too much.
in attempts to learn more about the comp.
i am forever readin about tweaks etc.
along with those of course are the attendant
articles pushing 1 utilitie after another and
i get to thinkin (and we know thats a dangerous thing)
therefore the cache killer deal. i figure you experienced
in the ways of the world, have probably bin there done that
and can save me some grief.

i will do as you suggest.
thanks a lot and have a good evening

regards minir