View Full Version : trouble with clock, help appreciated, thanks

10-04-00, 06:04 AM
hi ! am having a problem with the clock in my taskbar.
it will not come up after a shutdown or restart.
i have repeatedly tried right clicking on the taskbar
and calling up properties, checking the clock box &
hitting apply and ok. it appears, but only to the next restart.
anyone have any further ideas on this.
any and all help much appreciated

regards minir

10-05-00, 07:46 PM
In control panel you can go to Regional settings and try changing there to see if it accepts it that way http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif hope this helps http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

10-05-00, 09:34 PM
thanks ScrUm i will give it another go
i have everything else going pretty well, this is kind of a thorn

regards minir

10-06-00, 01:31 AM
i'm back !!! still no luck keeping the damn clock up . on re boot it goes south and does not come back
i have to right click on the taskbar each time and properties, tick clock , apply , ok
then it's ok till next re boot

still open to any and all suggestions

thanks a lot minir

10-06-00, 03:14 PM
Perhaps, it's trying to tell yoy to replace batteries?

10-06-00, 07:31 PM
thank you for your response yurka

i will check it out for sure
regards minir