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10-03-00, 11:49 PM
Ok, I downloaded the 2 ISO images to burn to CD so that I can install RH7.
I have to burn the ISO to a CD, make it bootable, and then boot my machine from the CDROM. Easy right? Nope!

Here's what happend. (Using EZ CD Creator 3.1).
Put in blank 700M CDR, opened EZCDC.
Clicked the option to make the disc bootable (ISO9660 and checked the bootable box).
OK, it asks me for a bootable floppy. It WILL NOT Let me make the CD bootable without it.
So I got the BOOT.IMG and (using rawrite) wrote it to a floppy. GREAT!
Next I gave that POS Program (EZCDC) the floppy and it says it can't read the files. (DAMN).
So I decided that I would just write the contents of the floppy and the ISO, to the CD and hope that it would boot (Like the floppy does). The floppy is good, I tried it.
So I did (Needless to say it's a coaster. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif
It would not boot from the CDROM.
Tried the floppy and THEN the CDROM and NOPE!
Used a WinME Floppy to get a DOS prompt. CD to my CDROM Drive and low and behold the ISO is exactly that on the CDROM......One big 670M ISO. I thought this thing was supposed to wite itself in the exact format a production LINUX CD would be sold as. Obviously I am wrong here.

My question is this, What is the EASIEST way to make a bootable CDROM for Red Hat 7.0.
I still have the ISOs and don't (really) want to D/L all the RPMS and stuff like that.
(It took long enough to just get these two files. FTP sites are FULL of people getting it). I figured it would be pretty easy (after reading the "How To" on the RH site.
I just can't get anything to read the ISO and I think that the problem is, 1. the CD is not bootable, and 2. the ISO just shows up as one huge file. I cannot cd to dosutils or anything on that disc. No file structure, just one big file.

I think that maybe my EZCDC is to blame. It seems to not like the files and they should work just fine. Could it be compatabilty with ME?

Any help would be appreciated.
Maybe John knows.......John?


10-04-00, 10:49 AM
I was wondering if when you stated that you wrote the ISO image and bootimage to CD if you did the basic write to CD. If you selected to Open Image in EZCD it should have produced a directory structure and not just 1 large file. You should be able to select open Image or burn an image to CD and the it "should" write the whole contents of the ISO to the CD or at least open it in your EZCD browser to then write to CD. If you could just clear that up a little for me. I apologize if my post is not very clear doing about 10 things at work at the same time...


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10-05-00, 12:00 AM
Thanks man!!!
Never tried to "open" the ISO. It always prompted for a .cif file and I never thought to try to show all and open the dang ISO.
It still would not display the file structure, but I was able to get it written to the disk correctly.
Thanks again. I knew it was something simple that I overlooked.

Installing it as I type this.......... http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif


10-05-00, 08:45 AM
No problem glad I could help a little. Let me know how you like the new release, I am currently runnig a box with FreeBSD but am think of putting RH7 on it also. I was not a big fan of the 6.2 release but I have heard good things about RH7.


10-05-00, 08:45 AM
Sorry for the double post damn mouse at work http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif


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10-05-00, 07:44 PM
You should'nt install RedHat7.0, it has been reported to be the "buggiest" distro in history!! I you want a distro thats optimized and reliable, and also easy to learn, go and install Linux Mandrake (www.linux-mandrake.com). You can even install this distro directly from an FTP site!!

A better place to post Linux related questions:
www.speedcorp.net (http://www.speedcorp.net) in the linux forum


10-05-00, 10:43 PM
I guess I will stick with FreeBSD 4 as my "UNIX" system. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif


10-05-00, 11:30 PM
Probably the easiest thing to do is start off by downloading Nero Burning Rom. You can get a full working (but time-limited) demo of Nero at http://www.ahead.de From Nero, all you have to do is go to File->Burn Image. The ISO image makes the CD it is burned onto, bootable. Nero may warn you that it is a non-standard image (or something like that, I'm at work and don't have Nero here), but just click OK and accept the defaults when it asks you to enter the parameters. I'm thinking about doing RH7 also, so I'll be interested to hear about it.

10-06-00, 09:30 AM
I am running RH 7.0 on one of my machines and have had no real problems. There were a couple of wierd things (for instance the bzip libraries were a little wacky and had to be re-installed) but if you are comfortable with Linux, these problems are not too difficult.

I also have Mandrake running on another of my machines and have found it to be an excellent distro too (7.2 is just around the corner!) It is VERY well suited for the beginning user and for those used to Windows.

The only thing that makes Red Hat a better distro, IMHO, is the level of support and information you can find on the web - not necessarily from Red Hat's site, but the information is, in my experience, easier to find than with Mandrake.

Just some worthless rambling...


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