View Full Version : Can't send my allowance for multiple recipients

01-28-07, 12:22 AM
[RCN, winXP Pro; OE 6.0; IE 6.0; Dell Dimension XPS T450MHz Pentium III; Symantec AV Corporate Edition]

Hello,I've been suffering RCN for years. Didn't change for fear the other server would be as bad or worse! But THIS problem is intolerable to me:

RCN definitely answers my frequent complaints by assuring me I'm allowed to send to 400 recipient names per hour. But even about 250 names stay in my outbox for hours sometimes for days. Right now there's one mgs sitting there for the 5th day!!! I split my list into 100, then 50...same thing! I now can only do 25 names at a time, but this means I work more than 10 times just to send only one message! I even wrote to the CEO and chairman of the board and not even the courtest of a reply!

I'm desperate! Been burning my eyes on websites for 3 months looking for a provider...without understanding what I see...(quite illiterate!). I don't know what else to try. Please help!!!

All I need is to send out messages to my list of multiple recipients, without the serious obstacles my present server and/or my Outlok Express (don't know which - they blame one another!) has been causing me. I don't have nor do I wish to create a website, hosts, etc. if I can help it.

I'm trying out the YahooGroup but: (1) most on my list don't want to subscribe to Yahoo, (2) one person's comments go to EVERYONE's inboxes...sometimes interminably. The gmailGroup does the same and they both anyway allow only 100 or so per hour or 500 per day which isn't enough!

In Eudora's and in other forums some people say they send out to 7,000 recipients AND more!!! Yet when I request info, they tell me they allow about 100 or so.

Was told to use a free Linux based box...but I don't know how and couldn't find anything about this on their website.

Was also told I could get a free domain and send to as many as I wanted (this rather sounds like a dream...)

Anyone knows anything about these possibilities? Or others? I feel like a blind person reading Braille in an unknown language!

Please forgive the lengthy msg and thanks ever so much for any help/ideas! Adela