View Full Version : Clean install of winME

10-01-00, 10:13 PM
i have the upgrade version of winME from win98se, i want to do a clean install of winME but it wont let me. i have spent the money on the upgrade but dont want to go buy the full version, can anyone help me.

10-01-00, 10:47 PM
Start the install with the WinME CD and when it asks for a qualifying product put in the Win98(SE) CD and point it to the Win98 folder. Install will prompt you to replace the ME disc to continue the installation.

10-02-00, 01:50 PM
When you put in your old Win 98 Disc, the location will be E:\WIN98


10-02-00, 03:52 PM
all you need is system files of win 98 on a floppy!!!
Ask somebody to give you that bootable floopy, then trensfer system files from your floppy by "sys a: c:" (of course c: is formated and empty, and then at last you'll be able to install your version of Win ME.

Good luck!!!