View Full Version : Bookmarks - what file is it?

10-01-00, 03:38 AM
Lets say you wanted to give a friend your 'bookmarks' in Internet explorer.

There is a single file to copy over, right?

I am hoping to copy the file to a floppy, put the file on her system, bring up internet explorer and have the bookmarks show up.....

10-01-00, 04:55 AM
The bookmarks for IE are not stored in a file but in an actual folder. It's in the Windows directory, it's called "Favorites". Just copy that entire folder to the floppy and you're good to go.

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10-01-00, 08:20 AM
You can also open Internet Explorer, click on file and then use the import/export feature and sent it to floppy that way.

However you do it, you should keep a copy of them so if you have to format you won`t have to load them all manually again.....


10-01-00, 11:41 PM