View Full Version : Smog Pump for a 1988 Cehvy Suburban 454 Big Block

01-15-07, 12:06 AM
how hard would a smog pump be to change?

01-16-07, 04:48 AM
i would not think too bad... lots of room in the engine compartment... would imagine something like an alternator but a little worse because i imagine its down lower... buried if you will... an hour or two depending on "incidents"

01-17-07, 08:08 AM
Pays .8 hour for a class b tech.

01-17-07, 10:19 PM
Pays .8 hour for a class b tech.

01-18-07, 01:54 PM
According to motor alldata

Skill Level
Indicates the technician skill level required to properly perform the service.
A = Highly Skilled
B = Moderately Skilled
C = Low Skill Level

It says it takes 8 tenths of an hour for a skill level b tech to change your smog pump.:)