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09-26-00, 09:31 PM
Had the same problem with another older computer I had installed win98 on. I just change some of the bios settings and things started working right. It had I lot to do with with the cach settings. But can't remember what I change them to .

09-26-00, 11:17 PM
I have win98 and when starting up my computer "something" happens...always...
that something can be:
-an error message saying windows protection error you need to restart (the file it shows is always different, sometimes a .vxd, sometimes configmg, sometimes ifsmgr...)
-everything just freezes (can happen at different stages of boot)
-it says press any key to continue, when I do the "its now safe to turn off your computer" screen appears
-it reboots
-the registry restore screen appears and asks me to reboot (after it fixed the reg)
-same as above except it is a windows error message
-these days I also have the pc speaker beeping ar 200 beeps/second while the system freezes

voila...weird thing if you ask me since its never twice the same problem(within 10 days)

I re-installed a few times and it does it even with only win98 installed (and no other progs)

any clues?...anyone?...

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09-26-00, 11:30 PM

This is only a guess, but mine was doing something similiar. It could be the "advance power managment support" has gone "FUBAR".

Mine got to the point where it wouldn`t shutdown either so I just formatted and fixed the problem.

Reinstalling might not work because the registry is corrupted.

Again just a guess based on a previous problem I had.

Hope this helped any.......


09-26-00, 11:36 PM
when I reformatted and reinstalled, (only) win 98 it still randomly ****ed up the boot..

for the info I have a PII266 with 64Mb Ram
in an (old?) AT tower using an intel 440 agpset "tomato" MB...

thanx anyway for the reply...
anyone else?

09-26-00, 11:36 PM
It sounds like you either have a virus or a hardware problem. Take the box apart and reseat everything! ide cables, video card, proccessor and ram. Pull the all of the cards out but the video and then start the box up. once its up and running go into device manager and blow the drivers out of the cards you removed. restart the box, if the problem goes away start putting the cards back into it one at a time till you find the culprit. One thing that I may suggest is doing a full disk scan. If the problem is still there with nothing in the system then debug the drive. This removes everything from the drive, then fdisk, format and reinstall os. If you need to know how to do a drive debug then ask and I will send you the script. Another thing you can do is go into device manager and remove all ghost devices, go into msconfig and stop all startup items and autoexec.bat and config.sys files from starting. Its basicaly trying to narrow it down to the problem.

09-27-00, 10:56 PM
Simple Solution = FORMAT!


09-30-00, 09:40 AM
maybe too simple...
but the format doesn't help! (as mentionned above) the more UI think of it the more I suspect the power supply to be unstable when its cold...

I took that one because it was a 300Watt maxi tower (an I remembered having problems with that on my old amiga back in the good days)

10-01-00, 11:46 PM
Try updateing bios , This may help! Just a thought.