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01-05-07, 02:14 PM

I wanted to let you know that weíve been working round-the-clock over the past couple of months fine-tuning and tweaking the Insight Broadband network since we raised the speed limits to 10/1. We are now one of the fastest ISPís in the country. A few challenges come with that fact that require us to find new solutions to new issues which were not needed by lower speed networks in the past. As with all technical changes, there have been some bumps along the way, but the overall experience of the vast majority of our customers has been very good since we made the changes.

Some of you, particularly in this community, have reported that your speeds or latency have been negatively impacted since we made the changes. We have worked to resolve these specific issues and have accomplished a great deal since November. Our speed increase accelerated and amplified some underlying technical issues in some areas, both within our network and outside. Many have already been resolved while others are still being worked on. We are also investigating a latency issue that is being reported by some gamers and hope to make progress in reducing those imperfect experiences in the coming weeks.

Most of you recall that I previously stated that our speed limits are maximum speeds permitted on our network -- once you leave the Insight network, many factors will impact your actual speed including traffic on the routers and websites you are visiting. Nevertheless, we are interested in your end-to-end experience so we have set up automated Internet speed tests at numerous locations within our network to different sites throughout North America. Consistent with what some of you have reported here, we also see that tests to the West Coast often are slower than those to the South, Midwest and East. We also have tested many websites from other residential ISPís around the country and found similar results to the West Coast from Midwestern and Eastern locations. These regional speed differences seem to be amplified when your ISP allows very high speeds, like we do. We have found that they exist, from time to time, all over the country in every ISP we tested. Nonetheless, we are working with existing and new backbone providers to attempt to improve the speeds and routing to the West.

Within our network, we have added capacity where we have found that the increased speeds created unexpected demands on the network. Many areas that reported time-of-day speed issues have been provided additional capacity and are now performing well. There are still some areas where these upgrades are still underway but we are working every day to complete them. Even though we have tried to anticipate the demands in areas populated by students, there may be some additional work necessary when they return in the coming week or two.

We also have taken some of your suggestions and implemented some changes in how we do business. Although I continue to monitor your comments personally, we have put in place a process where our Broadband professionals monitor this site and contact posters who appear to be having specific problems. Many issues were resolved over the past month by this new process. However, if you post anonymously, we cannot identify or contact you. I suggest that you either register with BBR or contact us by phone directly. Of course, if all else fails, remember that you can always send me an email at:


Provide me with your contact information and we will get in touch with you.

Once again, I want to thank you for your comments, your suggestions and most importantly, your continued business. We continue to work every day to make your Internet experience second to none.