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11-19-06, 06:58 AM
I was just looking for something on all the systems, when i came over a chart

I was wondering what everyone was thinking, would you get (if you had the $ to spend, or had a choice of 1 for free) an Xbox360, PS3, Wii, or just upgrade PC, especially with all the new core processors coming out and all, and when AMD n ATI get out some new compeition, then there is gonna be some major hack-n-slash on prices (at least I hope)

I dont think PS3 is that great atm, especially when you had Sony releasing all the false hype, like it will be Spring 2006, and now its early November, well it came out and yea everyone went crazy, but I dont think it was worth being shot for or $600 - $1500(ebay) ($9000 highest paid on ebay)

Xbox 360 is pretty serious but for some of the items (headset, wireless gear) isnt worth the price atm...but that should drop after the christmas frenzy since they will prolly have overstock or just made alot of $ they can drop prices

The Wii from Nintendo is looking pretty sweet too...but I dont know if thats really any good for the public, cause like alot of pc gamers and such carpel tunnel and tendonitis is becoming an earlier and earlier problem for youngsters, since they are usually on games 16 hours a day or so (they dont go outside and they just eat and play making, well the US the most obese people)....With all the crazy hand movements you have to make to play the game and the length of time you have to hold the 2 hands controller in your hand there is bound to be some type of injury of the gamers real soon

I mean gaming is great and all but are the new systems with the problems that will come with them? Plus most of the children nowadays have a hard time reading/writing the english language...cause they too busy playing games and not enough time studying...H/w and studying should be the first thing kids do, and then they can game (not go to school, come home, game game eat game, sleep) what happened to the h/w, studying (im sorry im rambling on about it but I just dont want kids, being dumb as dirt and not being able to support themselves in the future, I mean these kids will someday in the future be making new games/consoles/pcs/cars/etc

PC's are great cause you can play games, get music, do h/w n study on em...and they can usually always be upgraded (even if some stuff is pricey) Plus alot of games on consoles are made for the PC or will be coming to the PC...making most pc gamers not have to buy a console

11-19-06, 12:26 PM
I like my PC, but enjoy console gaming a bit more. Dont' get me wrong, some games NEED to be on pc (rts for example) but the consoles are really getting the FPS controls down!

I voted for 360 just because im really enjoying it right now, i like how everyone has the exact same hardware and not having to worry about compatibility problems. however consoles seem to be going where pc games go, realease the game THEN patch it.... :mad:

11-19-06, 12:45 PM
I chose the Wii cuz it looks fun and is affordable.

11-19-06, 01:19 PM
voted PC.

I like first person type games...especially multiplayer, occasionally get a flight simulator mood, and wouldn't mind getting back into racing games. Out of the types of games that I like..the only ones that get close from the console....are the racing games. Else....the fps and flight sims have a depth on the PC that the consoles simply can't touch. Tend to be too arcade-like for me.

11-19-06, 02:30 PM
Voted 360, it's fun and for me more enjoyable.However some games are only for PC like Rosco pointed out.

11-21-06, 10:15 AM
hi everyone im about ot buy a xbox 360 soon but there soo many different options? such as a regular 360 and other types... wich one would be the best to buy for playing 360 live and downloading demos off it?

11-21-06, 07:42 PM
hi everyone im about ot buy a xbox 360 soon but there soo many different options? such as a regular 360 and other types... wich one would be the best to buy for playing 360 live and downloading demos off it?

Check this out


From what I've read the Xbox360 can be upgraded to the best model unlike the PS3, you'll save money if you just buy the upscaled version of the Xbox 360 instead of buying the attachments later but at least you can do so. From what I've read If you buy the PS3 downgraded version it can never be an upscale version of the PS3 unless the do it as outside attachments but I believe the low cost PS3 is even missing either some USB's or firewire or something.

11-21-06, 09:53 PM
You can upgrade the cheaper PS3 model to the other version, but yes, the extra ports and such would be external instead of internal.

However, you can use any bloody laptop HDD, whereas Microsoft forces you to pay for their over priced 20 gig'er.

gameplaya, the only 360 is the full system. The "core" package really isn't an option for anyone.