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11-07-06, 03:35 PM
From CEO of Insight Communications Michael Wilner:

The letters to customers are going to be mailed starting later this week. The time has arrived (finally!) to be able to state what is obvious to many of you here on BBR. Our new maximum speed for our standard Broadband service will be 10 mg down and 1 mg up! We’re so excited about being able to offer this new speed configuration that we decided to rename our new standard level of service Broadband 10.0. And, by the way, Broadband Plus maximum speeds are being increased to 15 mg for downloads and 1.5 mg for uploads!

We waited until we were as sure as possible that we wouldn’t find too many unexpected issues before making the announcement. Over the course of the next several weeks, we will be authorizing customers’ modems to operate on our network at these great new speeds. The rollout will be on a district-by-district basis to ensure a smooth transition.

If you haven’t already found it, take an advance look at

»www.InsightFree10MegUpgrade.com (http://www.insightfree10megupgrade.com/)

We’ll be advising customers to enter their address there to see if they’ve been upgraded. There’s news about email storage there too.

These new speeds mean that Insight offers our customers the fastest choice available to them. Period.

I know most of you know this already but I want to be spend a minute to be very clear about what this means.

• We will be substantially increasing your authorized speeds on our Broadband network. However, as with any Internet service, your actual speeds at any given time will be impacted by a number of factors. First, in-home equipment and the way it is configured and connected can affect speeds. For instance, using a USB connection to your modem will slow you down. Wireless routers, like 802.11b models that operate at a maximum speed of 11 mg may not provide maximum speeds because there are many factors that limit them below their maximums. Conversely, 802.11g routers, which are rated to operate at 54 mg, should be able to operate at full speed, provided they are not being used by too many users at once. A word to the wise -- if you have a wireless router, make sure it is security enabled or your neighbors may be consuming your bandwidth (without you even knowing) and slowing you down to a crawl.

• Other factors come into play once you leave our network. Your speeds will be affected by the traffic and limitations of Internet routers and the websites you visit. Keep in mind that even though we will be authorizing you to operate on the Insight network at these very high speeds, your actual speeds will be impacted by factors beyond our network and therefore beyond our control.

We also have been doing and will continue to do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to improve your Broadband experience in other ways. We’re in the process of increasing our DNS capacity and moving those servers closer to our customers. We’re reviewing our routing configurations with our backbone carriers and will work, starting in early 2007, to seek to shorten hops to certain popular sites. We also are aware of how important “ping times” are to gamers and we are looking for ways to improve those experiences as well. We don’t have specific timetables on some of these issues right now, but be assured we are reviewing them and planning some changes.

I hope you will find your Broadband experience improved materially by these changes. Our new speed limits will help to unlock the power of the Internet for many of you in ways unimaginable just a few years ago.

Most important, I want to thank you for your continued business! We look forward to continuing to make Insight Broadband the best Internet choice you have and to find ways look forward to making it even better in the future.

11-11-06, 07:59 AM
we will see..lol, according to the flash movie, it is already in my hood. If it is, I better get busy, i'm not seeing it.

11-11-06, 10:55 AM
we will see..lol, according to the flash movie, it is already in my hood. If it is, I better get busy, i'm not seeing it.

All depends on which modem / router you have. Need's to be docsis 2.0. All older modems/routers will only go upto 6mb or so.

11-11-06, 04:34 PM
also dont forget to unplug and restart your modem and or router , I'm still waiting for my boost

11-12-06, 02:21 PM
All depends on which modem / router you have. Need's to be docsis 2.0. All older modems/routers will only go upto 6mb or so.

Thx, I have a Arris CM300A which is not 2.0 certified. Alot of insight customers were issued this basic modem. What's a good upgrade 2.0?

11-13-06, 01:25 AM
bought a DLINK DCM-202, took awhile to configure, thought it would cruise right out of the box.. had to play around a few hours with it.. last test was;

7197 kbps down (~7.2 Mbps, 879 KB/s) ↓
2294 kbps up (~2.29 Mbps, 280 KB/s) ↑

10240 KB downloaded in 11.656 seconds
2048 KB uploaded in 7.312 seconds
Speed @ 218% of the average for insightbb.com
136 times faster than 56k dialup
Tested on: 2006.11.13 02:21 EST
Provider: insightbb.com
Tested from: http://www.phppod.com/

11-21-06, 07:29 AM
Champaign - Urbana is scheduled for the speed upgrade tomorrow. Yay!! :)

11-22-06, 12:13 PM
Ok, here's my first speedtest without any tweaks, ect.

http://www.speedtest.net/result/60301703.png (http://www.speedtest.net)

I must say, im pretty pleased so far. :D :thumb:

03-14-07, 12:40 AM
I am glad insight is doing well in other markets... Here in Columbus they really stink.... I moved to Columbus about 9 months ago thinking this was a better place for BB. HA!! I was so wrong. First when I got BB Insight only had 1 tier of speed (3.0d/l 383 U/l) around Nov of 06 they boosted up to 5.0 and 512... Now keep in mind that I am paying $65 per month... compare what you guys have and what I used to have in Pittsburgh (10.5 D/L and 1.5 U/l for $45) not to mention that I never see the 5 meg even when tweaked out the ying yang

These are the best results I have gotten

http://www.speedtest.net/result/98926074.png (http://www.speedtest.net)