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10-26-06, 04:27 PM
FYI from Insight Communications president Michael Willner:

To answer to some questions on this thread, we launched the new digital channel line-up for about half the company last night. The other half is scheduled for next week. It was done in two stages to help us avoid too much congestion in our call centers as this type of change always causes people to call in.

One main premise of Digital 2.0 is that we have realigned the channels on digital boxes so they are arranged by type of programming -- If you want sports, they're all together. If you want news, they're all together. Although we are duplicating our analog channels in these new digital "neighborhoods", we are not currently converting those channels from analog to digital. We are looking into a digital overlay, where we convert analog channels into a digital format, but that is not slated until sometime down the road.

For now, Digital 2.0 is for convenience in channel surfing and about many, many additional hours of On Demand programming options. This new release will provide our digital customers with hundreds of additional On Demand choices, most of which will be offered at no additional charge. Much of the new programming will come from our most popular cable networks so, even if you missed a program, you still have a chance to watch it when you can.

And finally, for High Definition enthusiasts, we have added ESPN2, TNT, and MHD (MTV's HD channel) to the lineup of High Def channels.

We hope these changes make your viewing more pleasurable. We will continue to strive to offer you the best choices in video entertainment and broadband connectivity.

We'll be back to you soon with an update on Insight Broadband.